Congratulations on reaching the final round application! You've been selected out of tens of thousands of applicants. 

Final round applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so be sure to complete your application as soon as possible for a higher chance of being selected. 

You'll notice we will ask for two people who will be asked to complete an online recommendation form. We ask for these recommendations to better get to know you from those that know you best. These recommenders can be anyone from family, friends, to people you have traveled with who will help us understand how you would fit and contribute the to the Remote Year community. We do this because we are highly selective with who we invite to join our communities and we will use these recommendations, along with your answers, to ensure a great fit for both sides.  If accepted, you'll get access to critical resources and coaching to assist you in getting prepped for your year of travels.

Finalists will be selected and notified to schedule an interview with a member of the admissions team within a week of hearing back from your recommenders. 


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