First Week in Paradise

It is crazy that we are already a week in to our time in Croatia.  This place feels like paradise. Every morning the sun is shining bright and hot, making frequent dips in the salty ocean requisite.  After working and swimming, we end each day with breath-taking sunsets while eating fresh caught fish along the coast.

As the week got started, Hannah welcomed Nitin back from the states with a big hug.

We had our town hall overlooking a beautiful view of the sea.

And then people got to work in our new workspace.

Throughout the week, Remotes tried out different water activities. 

A group coordinated instructions to get their scuba certifications so that they are ready to go for Malaysia and Thailand.

Stephen cruised around on a wake board.

Caryn and Nissa watched Stephen from the comfort of the boat.

Remotes explored town to find scenic spots to get some work done.

Hannah zippin' around town on her scooter.


Terrell took a conference call from the comfort of a raft.

Trevor rockin' in his pink hat with a group at lunch.

Throughout the week, a lot of Remotes cooked dinner and hosted friends in their new accommodations.

Everything at this pot luck started with an 'S' - spaghetti, salad, salami, some grapes...

The old Andel crew (people that lived in the Andel building in Prague) had a group dinner.

And one potluck turned into a barbershop as Chris cut the other Chris' hair.

Hannah led a group of Remotes on a hike on Lopud island.

Some risk-taking Remotes headed to Hvar to go sky-diving.  They came back in one piece.

April and Sarah channeled their inner pirates with some tropical birds.

Sam and Chris had a relaxing Sunday on the beach.

We ended the week with a sunset kayak tour.


Fresh fish and drinks along the coast watching the sunset was the best way to end our first week in paradise.