Another Amazing Week in Croatia

Its hard to believe that we are already half way through our time here in Croatia.  It is flying by!  Every day is relaxing and beautiful, which has helped Remotes begin to think deeply about their professional lives.  The chatter about passion and purpose is palpable as people explore what impact they want to have on the world and begin searching for the tools and support to go out and achieve their goals.

This week we tried a new concept called 'Pitches', where people throw out an undeveloped idea to the group and they get feedback in real time.

Chris lead the group meeting for their remote conference they are developing.

Reid locked in to his work station to get some work done.

Remote Year team Sam, Jesse and Hannah gettin' stuff done.

Nicki's family came in town and hosted a group of Remotes for drinks by the water.


Nitin and the girls did a spa night.

Big group headed to Sunset Bar for drinks and night time dip in the water.

April hosted a knitting class - Nitin was a great!

It rained for the first time this week, but like all issues, we got through it together.

On Friday we had our Men's and Women's night.  We got two boats and headed out to sea.

The guys showed off their diving skills for the onlooking girls' boat.

Both boats docked at a private island, where a beautiful spread of grilled fish awaited.

Manu and Geeti danced to the songs of an accordion 

Finally we all headed back together.

We had a beach day with a group of Croatians at a hidden beach area they told us about.

cavtat sunset.jpg