Coming to Croatia

Last week we made a final lap through Ljubljana and said our goodbyes before packing up our lives to move to our third home of our journey - Cavtat, Croatia.

Chris got some work done on Monday from outside a coffee shop in Venice on his trip with Fabio.

We did a community breakfast and Sarah brought her Australian home-town favorite, Vegemite.  She made Vegemite toast with butter for people to try.  While some people said it was okay, most thought it was too strong and salty.

On Thursday night we did our going away party at a cool venue with a cloud on the ceiling.

Once people finished eating, a game of Twister broke out.

On Friday, we played baseball against a Slovenian team of baseball enthusiasts hosted by Scoutee, a iphone dongle for measuring ball speed.

We had drinks at Vander on the rooftop overlooking Ljubljana for our last night.

Just before we left, people left their final mark on the city.

Stephen added his old pair of shoes to the power line.

Britanny and Marc helped round up people's fans to donate to a local hospital.

Fernanda added a lock to the lock bridge.

We got up early on Saturday morning to head to our new home in Croatia.

Hannah rounded up all of our passports to get checked at the border. 

Driving through Croatia, you need to pass into and out of Bosnia.  Bosnia has a 10 km stretch of land that extends through Croatia to the coast.  While driving across that stretch, we stopped for a break and were greeted with this amazing sunset view.

We finally got to Cavtat, a village just outside of the city of Dubrovnik.  Our new home.

Our new workspace, a converted meeting room in the beautiful Hotel Croatia.

Remote David P. helping the IT staff configure the network settings.

Group potluck dinner at one of the Remote apartments' patio.

Sunday sun sets are the best way to be welcomed to a new home.