Welcome to Istanbul!

As our time in Croatia came to a close, we enjoyed our last few days in the sun before moving to our fourth home for the year, Istanbul.


We held an info session on Istanbul to talk about the city, its culture and what to expect while there.

The Trio (Katelyn, Fernanda and Kimmoy) interview was published at The Dubrovnik Times /Dubrovnik Explorer (photo) as well as online Dubrovacki and Croatia Week thanks to their team interaction with Dubrovnik Tourist Board and contacts with local press..  If you want to get in touch with them, feel free to email them at triotravelmarketing@gmail.com

Geetika and Anuja hosted their third Food for Thought event.  This month's event featured Brazilian cooking with help from Fernanda.  Learn more about Food for Thought on their website here or their Facebook here.

At the end of dinner, Fabio (also from Brazil) led the group in capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.

At the end of the week two of our friends from Poligon came to visit.

A group of Remotes took a road trip to Bosnia and stopped to do some bridge jumping on the way back.

Many Remotes got scuba certified while in Croatia and went for a big dive on the last day.  It was a big accomplishment for many people who came with the goal of learning and others who decided to do it while on Remote Year.

After a long day of diving, grilled meat.

Big group dinner for the last night in Cavtat.

Everybody headed to the airport to move to our new home, Istanbul.

The first morning, Sila planned a big group brunch to begin showing us around her home.

After brunch, Sila lead a group of Remotes onto the ferry to check out the Asian side of the city.

A beautiful view of the Bosphorus from Ortakoy

Trish jumped behind the counter to help make Kampir, or Turkish baked potatoes.