You and 74 friends traveling the world together for a year.

Living in 12 different cities for 1 month each.

You work from wherever you choose - cafe, co-working space, bookstore, or beach.

You spend your weekends hiking with friends...

Or just taking some time for yourself.

In your free time, you re-discover old passions...

And catch sunsets from every corner of the globe.

You take time to volunteer and give back to the community...

While making friends with the locals.

You witness some of the world's most magical wonders...

And create some magic of your own.

Want in?

Stop imagining and start living.




I can absolutely say that this was the best decision I’ve ever made!
— Casey Hekker, Cousteau
I am participating in Remote Year because I want to live on my own terms. Because I am choosing to intentionally curate my own life, for me, for the first time. Because I am saying goodbye to feeling trapped in convention. Because I am regaining control over a life that felt as though it ran away from me, ignoring my passions and ignoring my priorities.
— Taylor Coil, Battuta
You chose to make a courageous leap to completely change your life and you should celebrate that everyday. You’re living a life your friends envy and your family can’t fathom. You are here because you care about a world bigger than yourself and because you wanted to be a part of a community that cares.
— Arestia Rosenberg, Cousteau
When you are outside your comfort zone, you have no choice but to open yourself up to others. I’ve been surprised to learn that being vulnerable is not as terrifying when you have 74 other people who also have no choice but to throw caution to the wind and put their whole selves out there for strangers to see.
— Angela Sandall, Darién
Being in an environment where everyone is constantly pushing themselves to grow personally and professionally has been immensely inspiring and I leave Remote Year a better person than I was going in.
— Trevor Gerhardt, Remote Year 2015