Lisbon, Portugal Workspace Information


Access: This workspace is 24 hours but you will need to enter in different doors depending on when you are accessing the space: 

  • 9am-6pm address: Espaço Amoreiras - Centro Empresarial Rua D. João V, nº 24, 1.03 1250-091

  • 6pm and after address:,-9.158625&hl=en-US&gl=us&shorturl=1. There is a security guard who will let you in.

Wifi:  Network: WL-REMOTE YEAR  & Password: Rem0te02#

Call Rooms:

  • We have room 2 & 3 by reception.  To reserve you can book time the google calendars named Leap2 & Leap3

  • The door by reception closes around 11pm.  The security guard at the after hours entrance can re-open this door if you need the call rooms after 11pm.

Printer: Located in the main area of the workspace, connected with a usb cord.

Coffee, Water, Kitchen: There is a coffee machine located in the lounge area of our workspace.  There is a kitchen located through the reception where you will find cups for water, plates, etc.

Restaurant: There is a restaurant on the second floor open for lunch!

Issues: To communicate about space, issues, mail, etc. we've created the slack channel workspace_leap.  If you have any issues with the internet tag Jenna.

Contact: The reception is open between 9am to 6pm and you can contact them if you have any general questions about the building.  

Mail: All mail should be sent to this workspace:

ATTN: Your Name


Espaço Amoreiras - Centro Empresarial

Rua D. João V, nº 24, 1.03,

1250-091 Lisboa, Portugal


Galerias da Sao Bento

Access: Starting next week this workspace will be 24 hours, I will notify you when the new setup has been installed.  If you need the space outside the hours of 8am-8pm this week, let me know because I have a key and can coordinate access after hours.R. São Bento 25, 1200-109 Lisboa. 

  • Enter through the door with the RY sign.  Use the code 3333 to enter. Our dedicated workspace is straight back past the patio.  
  • If you walk past the patio and to the right, there is another co-working area shared with the Galerias community.  Access to this room is by entering the code 4321 on the handle.

Wifi: Network: GA-Events & Password !227446!


Call Rooms:

  • There are 2 call room options at Galerias.  We have a dedicated room attached to our workspace which is not super sound proof.  That room can be reserved with the calendar named Galerias. The second call room is shared with the other members of the community.  That space can be reserved using the notebook found on the table in the middle of the shared workspace.

Printer: The printer is wireless. To set it up follow the instructions below

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the type: XP-235
  3. Click on ‘setup’ on the left hand bottom corner
  4. Choose the second step ‘download’
  5. It will lead you through the process for setting up the wireless printer

Coffee & Water: Espresso machine located in the kitchen on the second floor. Cups for water are located there as well.  The tap water is drinkable but there are some bottles for sharing in the fridge our call room.


Restaurant & Store: There is a restaurant open for dinner in the evening and a store connected to the workspace selling some fun and funky clothing!


IssuesTo communicate about space, issues, mail, etc. we've created the slack channel workspace_galerias.  If you have any issues with the internet, tag Jenna.


Contact: The owner of the workspace is named Gracia and she can usually be found inside of the shared co-working space.  Her email is:

Village Underground

  • Address: Don't type Village Underground into Google Maps! It will take you to a gate where you cannot enter and you will have to walk around for 15 minute. Instead use the point on the Global Map and enter through the Museu da Carris.
  • Access: This workspace is 24 hours.  The security guard at the space holds the keys to open up the containers.  You will need to ask him to open up the container and tell him you are from Remote Year. He has a list of everyone's names. We have 3 private containers with a total of 15 seats. Our containers are number 4, 8 and 13.
  • Wifi: Network:VillageUndergroundLisboa password: VULisboa
  • Toilets: There are keys inside each container that access the toilets.  The toilets are a bit of a walk from the workspace.  The group inside of the cafe can show you where the toilets are if you cannot find the sign.
  • Reserving the Bus: There is a bus that can be reserved for calls, meetings, etc.  To reserve it, you will need to contact Carolina. She can be found there during the week in the office or the Restaurant. 
  • Restaurant: You will receive a discount at the cafe if you show your Village Underground card with your name on it. The cafe opens at noon.
  • Issues
  • Contact: Carolina is our main contact there for questions, but she is only there monday-friday during normal business hours.  After business hours, there is 24 hour security.