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Find the Best Coworking Space in Bali | Remote Year

14. Jul. 2022

Bali is open for Travel! Welcome to BWork, the best coworking space in Bali

Beautiful sandy beaches, remarkable monkey forests, and mouth-watering cuisine make Bali one of the most beloved vacation destinations around the world. With 6.3 million tourists a year, it’s no wonder Bali, Indonesia continues to be one of the best places to work remotely. As companies are hiring more remote workers in 2022, Remote Year is bringing a digital nomad hub to Bali – after hosting experiences and side trips on the island since 2018.  

We’ve teamed up with BWork, one of the best coworking spaces in Bali, to collaborate on must-see and do attractions and activities surrounding their coworking space. BWork is not only an ideal space to work, but a centralized hub surrounded by great places to eat, explore, and adventure. Read on as we partner with BWork’s staff, as they share everything the coworking space and surrounding area have to offer. Plus, they’ll share their on-the-ground expertise on how to spend an ideal day working remotely from one of Southeast Asia’s premier destinations.

bali Workspace

bali Workspace

Images by @bwork.bali and @cafe.bwork

Not your everyday office! Experience the atmosphere of BWork

Whether you’re working remotely as a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or part of a big corporation, BWork is well known for being a great working environment and creative hub. Perfect for community members to collaborate, work, and relax – every space is intentionally designed to optimize your work schedule and your personal routine! Along with having engaging, communal open-work stations, BWork houses private meeting rooms, and call booths with high-speed wifi. For more leisurely-focused activities the coworking space has an on-site yoga studio, an adult-style playroom, library, workout equipment, a tremendous coffee bar, and even an onsite slide! No matter your working time zone, BWork will suit your schedule with 24/7 access. 

“The adjustable desks and monitors BWork provides in the concentration zone make it very convenient for members to work. Additionally, the reading stairs designed library next to the cafe makes the space truly unique and can be a good source for members to gain new insights.” - Viona, BWork Operational Manager.

Bali Workspace

Bali Workspace

Images by @bwork.bali

Even the on-site slide has wifi!

Sure, the perks of a creative coworking space are magical – but what about the tech? When it comes down to the bare-bone logistics, BWork has you covered! Every remote worker needs high-speed internet connection for each and every Zoom meeting or assignment deadline – which is exactly what BWork provides.  For those working, or interested in working on video production, BWork has you covered. The addition of an equipped audio studio can help create your next big video production content with state-of-the-art visual and audio equipment. 

Bali Workspace

Bali Workspace

Images by @bwork.bali

A yoga studio for zen, and call booths for Zoom 

BWorks does a fantastic job at making sure it has everything you need to succeed for your remote job – but what the space excels at is making sure your hobbies, side hustles, and wellness are covered too. With a fully zenned-out and calming yoga studio, your day can meet every interest while living in Bali and working remotely from BWork. We swear you won’t miss your home office once you’ve relaxed by the BWork garden. 

“The yoga shala space has a beautiful layout, and the view of the shala must be seen at sunrise and sunset. For our workspaces, the adjustable desk and monitors provided in the concentration zone are very convenient for working. When looking to collect yourself, the reading stairs/library at the cafe is a good way to gain new insights.” - Viona, BWork Operational Manager.

Bali Workspace

Bali Workspace

Images by @cafe.bwork

Morning coffee before work tastes better at BWork

Oftentimes, a calming and productive morning means being away from the office. At BWork, it’s the opposite. Even as a centralized space with so many cool studios, shops, and cafes around, BWorks also stands as a place to hang out outside of work. The hub hosts morning workout yoga sessions and serves one of the city’s best cups of coffee. While others are dreading walking into their office, BWork remote workers love greeting each day with such a unique space!

“I normally spend three to four days of my morning in a week with some exercises and head to BWork to start my day. After a coffee, I feel energetic and ready to start the work day, saying hi to all the familiar and new faces at BWork.” - Jessica , General Manager of BWork .

For those who like to spend their mornings outside of BWork before their day begins, the coworking space has so many wonderful attractions. “I love to go early in the morning, with less traffic, and fresh air, put on my sunnies, and enjoy the Canggu life. Make sure to buy the nasi jinggo at Tibubeneng Field, IDR 5K and it's the best!” - Vannya, BWork Marketing Specialist. 

Bali Workspace

Bali Workspace

Elevate your lunch break with Balinese cuisine 

Part of living in a different country is experiencing the local food. In Bali, authentic Indonesian cuisine is plentiful and delicious. Thanks to the standard cost of living, you can also expect to pay less for a nice lunch out (no brown bag lunches required here) than you would in areas with a higher cost of living. We got advice from locals on where they like to grab their afternoon lunch: 

“Warung Sika is a typical Balinese Warung that serves Nasi Campur. Go there for lunch between 11:30 to 14:00, and they’ll usually just hand you freshly made dishes. It's the perfect option for a quick bite in between your work. The warung is located only a 3 minutes scooter ride from BWork and just 10-15 minutes walking.” - Jessica, General Manager of BWork .

Beaches in Bali

Beaches in Bali

Right image by @Cassie Gallegos

The beach and jungle are just outside your office

Swap your home office for a centralized coworking space in the heart of Bali. Having an office space on one of Indonesia’s most famous islands gives you access to some of Southeast Asia’s richest cultural sites. Luckily, BWork is next to some of the most enriching local experiences one could participate in when living and working remotely in Bali. 

“Visit Tanah Lot! Only 20 minutes from BWork on a motorbike or scooter, Tanah Lot is a sacred place for Hindus. After taking in the historic and religious sights, you can close the day out with a great sunset too.” - BWork’s finance team member, Dita Anggraini.

“There are a lot of temples nearby at BWork. People in the Canggu normally head to the beach, as this is where Canggu culture is most prevalent.” - BWork Operational Manager, Vionna.

Group in Bali

Group in Bali

Images by @yema.bali and @thelawncanggu

Log off and enjoy Balinese delicacies, dinners, and dancing!

Your ordinary evening in Bali? Delicious local dinners followed by nightly adventures spent dancing and enjoying nearby nightlife! There are so many great dining options, bars, lounges, and dance floors to explore in the evening With the help of the General Manager of BWork Jessica, here are a handful of wonderful dinner experiences you have to try near the coworking space. 

2 minutes away

  • Revolver: filled with Techno and dancing on Friday nights it’s certainly a party

10 minutes away

  • Mason: eat great comfort food with a fun vibe 

  • Yema Kitchen:  tasty Middle Eastern cuisine with garden seatings and lovely desserts Moana: Hawaiian-style dishes, mainly serving fish AND the best poke bowl or tuna tataki in Canggu 

15 minutes away

  • Black Sand Brewery: a pub-style hang-out place with music from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. A great meet-up spot for many locals in Canggu 

  • The Lawn: a popular beach club by the sea with frequent music events

If the idea of remote work while living in Bali, sounds like an opportunity to broaden your mind, heart, and sense of adventure (while elevating your home office views) – check out Remote Year. A program made up of a community of remote professionals, our 1-month program in Bali (along with programs in over 80 worldwide destinations) allows you the opportunity to connect with unique people, build friendships, and work in innovative coworking spaces all over the world. Come join Remote Year in Bali, or explore our membership plans for the chance to connect with a remote working community while creating lifelong memories with new friends. 

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