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Meet the New Remote Year - Same community, same adventures, a whole new look and feel

18. Nov. 2021

group in peru

To our Remote Year community,

In 2016, Remote Year was born with a simple question posted on a simple website: Who wants to work and travel the world together? 

Six years and over 80 programs later, we have become a 3,000+ member community and navigated the unprecedented challenges facing the travel industry with our new partner, Selina. Together, we launched our new 1-week Retreats and 1-month Trips and relaunched our flagship 4 & 12-month Journeys. 

We’ve grown. We’ve evolved. It’s time for our visual identity to grow with us.

We want our brand to reflect the qualities we see in our diverse global community members: visionary, empowering, sincere, trustworthy, and above all, passionate. We also want it to convey our deepened commitments to positive impact and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Thanks to the efforts of our super talented team, alongside the input from members of our community, ensuring everyone’s voice was part of the creation - our vision has been brought to life.

What you see before you is a brand that we have poured our hearts and souls into. A brand that represents our values - curiosity, courage, and compassion. 

This new era starts with our beautiful new logo, a dynamic illustration where the R and Y connect - representing the deep bonds formed within our community. Our new fonts, reinvigorated colors, and fresh brand voice were selected in honor of the vibrant, open-minded, and diverse explorers who make Remote Year, well, Remote Year.

Since the very beginning, we have always been about new adventures. We’re excited to share even more of those with you soon. Thank you for being by our side as we begin this new era, united in adventure with you and curious travelers worldwide. 

Let’s journey together.

With warmth,

Shaun Prime, Remote Year CEO