This Author is Inspiring Remote Workers To Find Life-Changing Fulfillment After Traveling With Remote Year

12. Nov. 2021

Participant spotlight

Sarah Aviram, author of the new book, "Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment”, has packaged powerful new insights into her new book after 13+ years in Human Resources and Talent Development leadership roles and one year working remotely from 12 countries with Remote Year.

While on Remote Year, Sarah met other remote workers and noticed that many were looking for more professional fulfillment despite the freedom afforded by their new location-independent lifestyles. We caught up with her to get some insight into how she decided to join Remote Year, how her time on Remote Year helped inspire her new book, what her book is about, and what she hopes to accomplish through her new book.

Remote participant spotlight

Remote participant spotlight

Image Credit: @sarahaviram

How did you decide to join Remote Year?

Sarah: In late 2018, I was working as the Director of Talent Development at a large technology company based in New York. I was doing a ton of research on future work trends and the way my company could create a competitive advantage by building future capabilities now.

One of the most significant themes that kept coming up in my research was around remote workers. Not only were people wanting to work more remotely, but there was a growing group of companies where 100% of their employees were location independent. These companies don’t even have an office — all employees work remotely, dispersed around the world. And on top of that, almost half of the American workforce would soon consider itself freelancers or contractors.

More and more people were okay with not working for a single company in a single location. They want the flexibility and the freedom to work where they want and on the kind of work that motivates them — and would target companies that allowed them to do both.

I identified as one of those people.

As I kept reading, my research took me to Remote Year’s website. I got super excited about what I read and how Remote Year “provides a platform for professionals who want to live and work in different cities around the world without having to compromise their professional pursuits.”

I decided I wanted to immerse myself in this world and I convinced my employer at the time to allow my participation in the 1 year program from March 2019-February 2020.

RY group by the pool

RY group by the pool

Image Credit: @sarahaviram

How did Remote Year inspire you to write your book, Remotivation?

S: Over the past 13+ years, I’ve held Human Resources and Talent Development leadership roles within Fortune 500 consumer product organizations, like Avon and PepsiCo, as well as in high growth technology companies, like Yodle/ and IAC (InterActiveCorp).

These roles (and my MBA in Leadership and Change Management) have taught me a lot about what motivates people to perform at their best. From my experience, education, and extensive research, I’ve created programs and processes that have helped thousands of people (including myself) have more fulfilling careers — and lives.

Once I was on my Remote Year program, experiencing remote work myself and spending time with remote workers, the more I noticed that they often felt stuck and unfulfilled professionally — even with the freedom and flexibility of their lifestyle. Working remotely was only a band-aid solution for much bigger challenges.

I realized that if remote workers could better understand how to manage their motivations for working, they could create their own path to professional fulfillment.

So I began to pull together the resources, insights, and tools I’ve gathered and generated in my own career and created an approach that would help empower remote workers to build a career and life full of the freedom, authenticity, and intention they desire.

As I developed my process, I led workshops for my Remote Year friends and other remote workers, and the feedback was resounding. Remotivation was a necessary resource that many people were missing, so I decided to make it into this book, an easily accessible, self-guided program.

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Participant spotlight

Participant spotlight

Image credit: @sarahaviram

What is your book, Remotivation, about?

S: Remotivation will help remote workers to find more fulfillment in their work while performing at their best.

The book guides remote workers on their journey to activate the six core “remotivators” that drive professional fulfillment.

  1. Money

  2. Identity

  3. Routines

  4. Growth

  5. Impact

  6. Joy

These remotivators build on each other, depending on how strongly they are activated:

  • Level 1 — Low: Similar to when your wifi signal is weak, your level of professional fulfillment exists, but it's limited. At this level, your motivations for working are primarily connected to money, identity, and routines.

  • Level 2 — Medium: You feel a stronger sense of fulfillment as you've addressed and managed Level 1’s primary motivators and built on them by incorporating opportunities for growth and impact.

  • Level 3 — High: You feel a very strong sense of professional fulfillment as you’ve fully activated and managed all the other remotivators to your benefit and, in addition, you find joy in doing your current work.

Levels of fulfillment

Levels of fulfillment

Image Credit: @sarahaviram

Remotivation feels like a strong wifi signal for your spirit. It’s when you remove some of the pressure associated with your money and identity, minimize the inertia of routines that no longer serve you, and create opportunities for growth, impact, and joy.

What do you hope to accomplish with this book and your business?

S: My goal is to empower remote workers to stop the inertia of their unfulfilling lives and build ones full of the freedom, authenticity, and intention they desire.

If readers learn the concepts in the book and my online course, do the exercises, and take action, they will feel more fulfilled and motivated to perform at their best — regardless of whether that means re-engaging in their current work or job, switching roles, or finding new work or a new field altogether.

The new business I have started consists of workshops and speaking engagements for organizations as well as online courses for individuals.  

More info can be found at or follow me on instagram @sarahaviram.  The book can be found on Amazon here.

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Participants with view

Participants with view

Image Credit: @sarahaviram

Sarah is inspiring others to not only join the remote work lifestyle, but to reach fulfillment in the process. Sarah has packaged much of what she learned from her professional background as well as from traveling with Remote Year into a self-guide to professional fulfillment and performing at your best. As a new author, Sarah demonstrates how changing your perspective and environment can lead to an inspiring new path in life.

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