What is Remote Year?

Remote Year brings together communities of 50-80 inspiring professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers to see the world as they never have before during an unforgettable year of personal and professional growth.  Participants (called “Remotes”) live, work, and play in a different city around the globe each month while taking advantage of fantastic opportunities to learn and grow.

  To become a Remote, request an invitation to apply here and then apply.

What's Included

What's Included

Remote Year gives participants a lot more than just a list of benefits.  
Think of it as trading in your rent, utilities, and monthly internet/cable bills for a life-changing year of living, traveling, and working around the world with a community of inspiring people.  Here are just some of the tangibles included for all 'Remotes'.


Co-working Spaces

Work from the coolest workspaces and never worry about wifi again.  All co-working spaces feature reservable private spaces and safe and reliable internet (24/7 access with internet speeds of at least 100 down/100 up mbps)  All this guaranteed to be under a 30 minute commute from your apartment.



A place to call your own, no matter where you are.  Our accommodations always include a private bedroom in an apartment, a strong internet connection, an opportunity to prioritize living-arrangement preferences, maintenance support, linens, towels, and sheets



Changing cities has never been easier.  Remote Year provides all Remotes door-to-door group transit each month by plane, train and automobile so you can focus on the experience.


Tracks and Events

Follow your passions all over the world with interest-specific personal development "tracks", group parties and events, Remote-led Initiatives, and Positive Social Impact opportunities.  Learn more about the Remote Year experience here.



• A passionate, inspiring, and creative community of 50-80 professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and solopreneurs that you’ll learn from while exploring the globe.

• Extensive coaching and guidance for you to transition to a remote working arrangement with your current employer (with our help, 79% of accepted applicants who utilize our curated process receive approval from their employer and join us).

• Professional development seminars throughout the year.

• Exclusive Remote Year discounts from local partners.

• A valuable alumni community of Remote Year “Citizens” offering countless networking and employment opportunities, free monthly memberships at select worldwide co-working spaces, an ever expanding worldwide network of Remotes, and much more.

How to Apply

How to Apply to Remote Year

Remote Year is a collective experience by design, so creating and maintaining positive relationships is a top priority.  Tolerance, generosity, and knowing how to say "Yes!" to new opportunities are key factors of successful Remotes.  Our application process helps us find the right people for the group and helps you fully understand the experience ahead of you.


Step 1: Request Your Application Invite

Whether you're ready to start your journey tomorrow or you're just looking for more information, the first step is to request your Remote Year application invite.  Here, we ask a few questions to help us (and you) understand if Remote Year is right for you.


Step 2: Apply to Remote Year

Your Application Invite gives you access to Remote Year's Application.  The Application asks several questions to help us get a sense of who you are, what you're looking for, and what you'll add to the Remote Year program you end up travelling with.  You will also be required to provide us with two character references who are willing to speak with us.  It takes between ten and twenty minutes to complete, and we will let you know by email within a week if you've been selected to be interviewed.


Step 3: Video Interview

Once selected, we'll invite you to video interview with one of our Admissions Consultants.  There, we'll help answer any outstanding questions you have, get to know you on a more personal level, and plan out which itinerary will work best for you.


Step 4: Accept Your Remote Year offer

If you've gotten this far, congratulations- you've been accepted into Remote Year!  If you require permission from your employer, this is when we start working on your Employer Approval Process.   We've helped 79% of applicants make remote arrangements with their employers- from startups to Fortune 500s.  You'll be expected to complete our employer approval process and submit your down payment within 6 weeks of your interview


Step 5: Submit Downpayment and Start Your Remote Year

You'll be expected to complete our Employer Approval Process and submit your downpayment within 6 weeks of your interview.  Then, it's time to start the journey of a lifetime.  Let's go!

Still have questions?  Check out our Application Process FAQ here.

Getting a Remote Job

Transitioning to a Remote Role

Remote Year is not a job provider- all participants will need their own remote jobs or roles once their program begins.  However, if your current role isn't remote, we can help.


Remote Work

If you work in a role that is currently tied to an office, our Employer Approval Process can help you turn that traditional job into a remote job. 

We believe that people can be productive anywhere, and that being inspired by your surroundings is a key to producing your best work.  To do so, one must have be able to work remotely.   


Employee Approval Process

The Remote Year Admissions Team can provide future Remotes with guidance, resources, and a framework to help present to and educate their employers on how remote work arrangements function, best practices for success, and the benefits they provide to employers.  We've seen success with Fortune 500 and startup companies and with traditionally and non-traditionally remote roles. 

79% of eligible applicants who present their case to their employer succeed in turning their non-remote role into a remote role.


Helpful Resources


Remote Year Program Costs

Remote Year requires a significant initial investment but make no mistake- no other program will pay more dividends into your personal and professional life and leave you with a constant stream of friendships, stories, and amazing memories far into the future.


Remote Year 12 Month Program Fees

  • Downpayment of $5,000 USD due at acceptance.
  • $2,000 USD monthly payment for the first 11 months.  
  • The 12th month is covered by the downpayment.
  • Here's what's included

Other Costs to Keep in Mind

  • Transportation to and from the program's first destination and last destinations.
  • Food, drink, and personal items.
  • Activities and trips not included in Remote Year programming.

Helpful Resources


Work, travel, grow.
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