Professional Support to Achieve Your Work and Travel Dreams

The Remote Year Enterprise Solutions Team (EST) is here to help you have a positive and effective conversation with your manager about taking your current role remote in order to join a Remote Year program. With experience working with businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, we have the resources you need to ask to take your current role remote.

More than 50% of people who go through the EST process successfully get approval from their manager to take their current role remote.

The Enterprise Solutions Team Can Help You If…

  • You’re interested in a work and travel program but don’t know how to ask to work remotely.
  • You need help presenting a remote work strategy to your employer to prove that you can be effective and successful in a remote position.
  • You need assistance in educating your managers on the importance of travel when it comes to personal and professional development.

What You Can Expect from the Enterprise Solutions Team

Personalized, Professional Assistance

You’ll work with your Enterprise Solutions Representative (ESR) one-on-one to gather and present the information that is most relevant to your, and your manager’s, needs.

Strategic Planning

You’ll work with your ESR to create a strategic outline designed to determine who the stakeholders are in the decision-making process, and what the timeline is for your pathway to approval.

Answers to Work and Travel FAQs

Throughout the process, your manager will be able to connect with Remote Year directly regarding professional support and onboarding, visa requirements and process by country, and corporate liability, immigration, and tax implications.

Pitch and Presentation Preparation

Your ESR will help you develop your pitch based on the needs of your company, your relationship with your manager, and the levels of approval necessary.

Ongoing Communication with Your Manager

We know your manager might have a lot of questions about going remote. That’s why your ESR will engage in ongoing consultations with your leadership team and HR decision maker.

Extra Benefits for Your Manager

Your manager will receive resources on best practices for managing remote employees, goal-setting and success-planning, professional development opportunities, and how Remote Year can act as a positive platform for talent management and retention.

How it Works

Schedule a Call

Schedule a 15-Minute call with a Program Placement Consultant to assess your employment situation and hold your spot by putting down a refundable program downpayment.

Make a Plan

Our Enterprise Solutions team will will then take over and help you understand how to to work remotely with your current job and put together a compelling proposal to present to your boss.

Our Guarantee

If you aren’t able to get your employer to say “yes” to working and traveling with Remote Year with the help of our Enterprise Solutions Team, you’ll get your down payment back.

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