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Hanoi, Vietnam

In Hanoi, you’ll experience the best of both modern life and ancient history as you discover the contemporary architecture and traditional shrines and temples that make this city so unique. Make authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a local, visit world-class museums, take a stroll along Hoan Kiem Lake, or search for the best bahn mi sandwiches in town. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for adventure as you learn to navigate the city’s ever-buzzing streets.
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The Old Quarter
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84°F | 63°F
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Ban Mi
colorful houses in hanoi
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Why Explore Hanoi with Remote Year

Bustling Hanoi is steeped in culture thousands of years old, with mouthwatering food and plenty of natural spots to explore. We’ll make your transition here seamless. Jumpstart your mornings with delicious authentic Vietnamese coffee, and spend your weekends recharging in the picturesque outdoors. There are countless ways to adventure here.  

downtown hanoi

Your Neighborhood

Your accommodations will be located in Hanoi’s historic Old Quarter, where you’ll find charming French colonial architecture and winding city streets once dedicated to specific trades or guilds. 

Whether you’re searching for the most delicious Vietnamese cuisine or looking to step back in time as you explore nearby pagodas, lakes, and museums, a myriad of wonders are waiting for you in this dynamic city.

Your home away from home

You will be staying in a comfortable private bedroom in a multiple bedroom apartment, house, or hotel. All accommodations are located in top neighborhoods and within a 25-minute walk of your coworking space. Accommodations are clean, secure, and include standard internet. Private apartments are available at an additional cost after booking.

Things You'll Experience in Hanoi, Vietnam

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