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Citizenship Global Access FAQ

More Questions?  Give us a shout at citizens@remoteyear.com and join #citizens on Slack for updates.


+ What is Global Access?

Global Access is our name for a Remote Year program available to Citizens. Global Access offers Citizens the opportunity to use Remote Year services in our active cities around the world.

+ What is included in Global Access?

Global Access for Citizens is meant to be flexible and fit with your needs, so you can choose combinations of the following: accommodation, workspace, community events, local experience track, travel (when applicable), and support from our program and local teams.

+ Which locations are included in Global Access?

Typically, Global Access is available in any cities where Remote Year is currently active. A full list of active cities is here. Please note that some cities may have very limited or no availability, but we’ll always do our best to accommodate you.

+ How do I book Global Access?

Email us at citizens@remoteyear.com and we’ll follow up with answers, information, and a quote.

+ How does Global Access pricing work?

Global Access pricing will vary based on what features you select, location, date, notice of booking, availability, and any other applicable factors. We don’t have a perfect pricing structure for this at this time, so inquire at citizens@remoteyear.com for a quote based on your preferences.

Our previous pricing structure has expired as we have continued to update Global Access.

+ When is the deadline for bookings?

If possible, we ask that you make your Global Access booking at least 45 days in advance of your anticipated arrival date. Please note that prices will fluctuate with timing, and that availability is on a first come, first serve basis.

+ Can I stay in one city for more than a month?

Yes! You can stay as long as we’re active in a city and availability exists.

+ How long / often can I use Global Access?

Currently, there are no limits on Global Access use for Citizens.

+ Will I have a 1BR apartment?

It depends. A request for a 1BR may or may not be able to be accommodated depending on the city and infrastructure. Inquire about your options for a specific city or date at citizens@remoteyear.com.

+ What is the expectation for how I interact with the community during my Global Access?

This is completely up to you. Of course, current Remotes love to interact with Citizens, so keep that in mind!

+ Can Citizens be with communities during any month of the program?

As you know from your experience, different months have very different vibes. Month 1 tends to be very high energy, Month 7 is fairly relaxed, and Month 12 is a total love fest. What month is best? That depends on your preference. We’ll be inviting Citizens to join during all months of the program - and we’ll let you know what you’re getting into when you request a quote.


Citizens Unite: Summer 2017 FAQ


+ What is Citizens Unite: Summer 2017?

Citizens Unite: Summer 2017 is a special opportunity for Citizens to travel for three consecutive months during the first six months of the Veritas itinerary (May - October 2017). This deal includes the full Global Access package plus two legs of travel. If you haven’t heard about this, you either missed an email or will not be a Citizen for three or more months during that period.

+ Will there be more opportunities like Citizens Unite: Summer 2017?

We’ll continue to launch opportunities to unite Citizens and the Nation, but these will come in different shapes and sizes. We’ll keep you posted!

+ When is the deadline to reserve my spot?

There is no deadline, but we will be taking bookings on a first come, first serve basis, and limited spots are available.

+ Who will Citizens travel with during Citizens Unite: Summer 2017?

Citizens will travel alongside other Citizens and our Veritas community. This will be Month 1 to Month 6 for Veritas.

+ So Citizens Unite: Summer 2017 includes my travel?

Yes, but only your travel between destinations. So, this will include the two travel legs that fall between your three consecutive months. This does not include travel to the first destination (even if you are coming from another Remote Year city).

More Questions?  Give us a shout at citizens@remoteyear.com and join #citizens on Slack for updates.