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What is Remote Year?

Group work and travel programs for remote workers in 80+ destinations. Traveling solo can be daunting, so we take care of the planning for you.

What’s included in our travel programs

Let us worry about the details, so you can log on during the week and explore on the weekends. Inclusions will vary slightly based on product type.

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Co-Working Spaces

24/7 Access to a centrally located co-working space with strong WIFI



Centrally located, apartment or hotel-style accommodations

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Community Experiences

5 included Community Experiences to make you feel at home

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Airport transfers & flights between cities for Journeys

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Leader & Local Team

On-site staff to manage logistics and facilitate local experiences

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Development Workshops

Grow personally & professionally with faciliated workshops

What to expect while travelling

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1-Month Trips

Discover a new place or create your own itinerary

Whether it's your first trip or you just want to build your own itinerary, bring your job and experience a new country like a local, 1 month at a time.

Key inclusions:



Workspace with

Strong WiFI

24/7 Local


Access to Experiences

& Excursions

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4 & 12-Month Curated Journeys

We'll plan it all while you discover multiple countries, 1 month at a time.

Explore a new country each month for 4 or 12 months with a traveling community. With the details taken care of, all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Our Journeys also include:

Flights between countries

Traveling Trip Leader

Included Experiences & Excursions

Traveling Community

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How to book your next adventure

Get a Travel Membership to access 80 + destinations, local experiences, member - exclusive trip rates, and more.

2 ways to get the Travel Membership


Book your first trip - it’s automatically included.


Become a member now - then plan your travel itinerary in the coming months.

Questions? Let’s chat.

Schedule a call with our team to find the perfect option for you.

What our community is saying.

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We knew that Remote Year would take care of everything!

5-star rating on Trustpilot

The thing that makes this a unique experience is definitely the community that comes along with it. We thought about traveling to a city by ourselves but we decided to go with Remote Year instead. Best decision ever! Thanks for being awesome!

-Drake Murphy

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Living in new cities and working full time

5-star rating on Trustpilot

I did a 1-month Trip and LOVED it. Remote Year provided the perfect mix of a great apartment and workspace, and an incredible community. It's so nice to be settled in a city, take weekend trips, and still be able to work full-time. Grateful for the overall experience.

-Laura Max McDonald

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Stress-free travel

5-star rating on Trustpilot

My experience was great, and the locations were perfect for my first time as an adult abroad. Traveling between countries with Remote Year was one of the least stressful moments for me. It was very much like having a concierge to help you. My expectations were exceeded.

-Stefani Johnsen

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