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About Remote Year

Remote Year curates community-based travel programs, enabling people to live, work, and grow in the most inspiring locations on the planet. The company was founded in 2015 by Greg Caplan and Sam Pessin and since then over 3,000 professionals have participated in one of our travel l programs.

What We Do

We currently run 4 different types of travel programs: Retreats, Work and Travel, Learn and Travel, and Business Programs for Companies. Retreats are an opportunity to get away for a week in an inspiring location. Our Work and Travel programs let you bring your job & live like a local in inspiring destinations for 1, 4, or 12 months. Our Learn and Travel programs allow you to grow your skills & develop professionally through impactful group learning for 1, 4, or 12 months. Lastly, our Business Programs for companies allows you to invest in your team through customized programs. 

In all of these programs, we take care of the logistics - the accommodations, professional workspace, travel between destinations when relevant, our signature curated experiences and programming, local teams, and access to a health & safety service - so you can focus on the fun adventures and the growth you’ll experience with your newfound community.

Common Misconceptions

Remote Year does not provide our participants with jobs for any of our programs. Each participant is required to have their own professional plans worked out when joining a program in order for them to afford to stay on the program. However, if you don’t currently work remotely, we can help talk to your manager to transition your role.

Remote Year is not a visa agency. While Remote Year supports helping participants in a lot of their transition into working remotely and traveling, we cannot help participants obtain visas to any country on your itinerary. It is completely up to the participant to know what visas will be necessary for them to have for the duration of their program.

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