Trade in your expensive rent for an exciting new lifestyle.

Live and work in different countries around the world for the same cost as living in a major metropolitan city. No planning required.

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Remote Year curates work and travel programs for professionals to see the world without having to quit their jobs.

Join a program for 4-12 months with your current employment situation and follow an itinerary with a group of like-minded participants from a variety of different backgrounds.

Your job may be based in the city,
but you don't have to be.

Break out of your routine.

On Remote Year programs you'll land in a different country every month. Every day will be an adventure with endless opportunities to try something new before and after your work day.

Get more value for your money.

For the same cost of rent in a major metropolitan city, you'll get an apartment, workspace access, local experiences and door-to-door transportation around the world.

Meet new people in new places.

Create bonds with the community of professionals you travel with from different backgrounds and also take advantage of Remote Year's global network of past and present participants.

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Average Monthly Cost of Living in a Major City.

For San Francisco, New York, and London
Rent, Utilities & Internet
Co-Work Space & Community Benefits*
Flights & Transportation, Local Experiences, Staff & Support, Planned Events and more.
Not Included
$2,135 / month

Monthly Cost for a Remote Year Program.

For a 12-Month Program
Rent, Utlities & Internet
Co-Work Space & Community Benefits
Flights & Transportation, Local Experiences, Staff & Support, Planned Events and more.
$2,000 / month
*Pricing data from Expatistan and Averages are listed in USD and represent a single person's share in a 2-bedroom apartment

Keep your job. See the world. Leave the planning to us.

For a monthly fee, Remote Year will plan all the logistics and provide everything you need to embrace every stop on your cultural adventure.

  • ✓ Flights and Transportation
  • ✓ City-Central Accommodations
  • ✓ 24/7 Workspace Access
  • ✓ Local Cultural Experiences
  • ✓ Networking & Events
  • ✓ On-the-Ground Support