Meet Chau Duong

Chau is a Global Implementation Manager who worked and traveled the world with Remote Year Veritas and Saudade.

About Chau

Age and Nationality: 39, USA
Type of Professional:
Full-Time Employee
Job Title
: Global Implementation Manager
Program: Veritas (First Program), Saudade (Second Program)

A Note from her Program Consultant

I've had the pleasure of traveling with Chau on three different continents and two programs. She's a force to be reckoned with, bringing all of the bright energy everywhere she goes. We bonded over being Vietnamese and loving oysters-- now we have a ritual to get our slurp on in every city that we meet up in. Chau is one of the best travelers/remotes; she's always grateful for any situation (and in travel, there are always situations... #level3fun) and works with what is given to her. She's the kind of person that is confidently herself while making everyone feel welcome. Maybe it's something that she puts in the pho she cooks for us, but we all love Chau!

Zoë Nguyen
Remote Year Program Consultant

Read about Chau's Remote Year experience.

What made you initially want to go on a Remote Year program?

I felt comfortable in Houston after living and working there for 13 years so I was looking for some changes that push me out of comfort zone. RY came at that time. And of course, I always want to travel more.

What made you finally take the leap to join a Program

After knowing RY website through a friend, I read everything on the website and some other reviews about RY (good, and bad). I was excited about all of that info and could not sleep for 3 days. That when I decided I need to apply for RY. The friend that talked about RY website actually also joined RY a year after I did.

Were there any additional steps to make joining Remote Year possible?

For my first time of RY (Veritas 12 months) my boss was super supportive to agree right away when I told him that I would like to do a year working remotely with RY. I kept the same job and even got promoted after coming back after 1 year. However, family was harder to tell and make them understand. 

Second time of RY (although only 4 months) my boss was kind of hesitate to let me go again:) But he knows I am still doing the job so he agreed to let me work remotely for a few months in summer. I want to prove that I can work no matter where I am. For Family, they are very supportive the 2nd time.

What was your favorite part about traveling with Remote Year (as opposed to traveling by yourself or with another company)?

The City team is the one that makes difference. The tracks that involves a lot with local is also another plus that I love about RY. 

Can you describe a typical (work) day in the life for you on Remote Year?

Working from home in the morning, having coffee/lunch with RY friends or roommate, working in the co-working in the afternoon and then hang out with RY or with local. Go to track or explore close by cities in the weekend. 

What is your favorite Remote Year memory? 

I love food so I tried to find all of the real local food of that county, city that I live. I always make good local friends in those local restaurants. And I realized sometimes the food I eat is even more local than the local can eat :)

If you could relive one Remote Year month where would it be and why?

I would want to live in Belgrade, Serbia to be sure if I really love that city or not. The first time I lived there, it was wonderful with all of my favorite activities going on. However, sometimes I doubt myself and think maybe it was just the right month and I might not like it that much if I come in a different month

How do you feel your Remote Year experience has benefited you personally?

I know how to make me happy and I know how to interact with people from different cultures better. 

How do you feel your Remote Year experience has benefited you professionally?

I understand my colleagues better. I know how to encourage each of the team members to do the job better by involving myself to their hobbies, their concern, their meaning in life and most of all, my trust to everyone in my team.

Has RY benefitted you in ways you didn't expect? If so, how?

I never thought I would be comfortable around all strangers for that long time. I never thought I could be still that happy although I don't have my comfy bed and pillows. I never thought that I could still find a work day is good although I sit on a crappy chair and had so many crazy meetings with people back home. I realized I don't need much of material stuffs to be happy. I donated lots of my cloths, shoes when I came back home after my one year. I came to RY first time with 1 check back, 1 carry and 1 backpack. However, I only have 1 carry on and 1 backup for this 2nd round and still feel I did not really need all of that. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to people considering joining a Remote Year program?

Go do it when you still have good HEALTH. A healthy spirit will always bring to you many exciting opportunities along your way. Everyone is busy but make TIME for travel! MONEY is important but don't let MONEY drives your life. We only live ONCE. If you tried RY and feel like it is not for you, then you still can always go back but at least you know YOU TRIED! 

What’s next for you?

I really want to keep traveling and working remotely for 3-4 months international and then head home for one month and then back on the road again in different continents. 

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Chau Chau, born and grew up in Vietnam for 24 years. Came to US for Master degree and worked for the same company for more than 13 years. Manage the team of 13 people in US, work with Team Lead in Canada, Vietnam in different time zones. Love travelling and excited to try the most exotic food around the world :)

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