Meet Scott Warren

Scott is a Frontend Engineer at Graphy and traveled the world with Remote Year Sonder.

About Scott

Age and Nationality: 27, Australian
Type of Professional:
Full-Time Employee
Job Title and Company
: Frontend Engineer at Graphy
Program: Remote Year Sonder

A Note from his Program Leader

I am very lucky to have been Scott's program leader for a year during Remote Year Sonder! I still remember our first week together in Split when we bonded over playing volleyball at the beach every single day! Scott was very much into sports and always promoting cool sports activities for the entire group everywhere we went which was amazing for contributing to the community. Like all Remotes, he had his ups & downs during RY, but ultimately ended his year the best way possible -- with a new girlfriend (now fiancee!) & a new job and it was incredible to see him grow throughout the experience.

Reisy Abramof
Remote Year Program Leader
What made you initially want to go on a Remote Year program?

I had talked about to my friends and family about potentially moving overseas at some point, but I felt that it would never happen, because it seemed a mountain that I had to climb

What made you finally take the leap to join a Program

It was kind of a "now or never" kind of moment, I applied half expecting to not get in, and when I was approved, I took the leap

Were there any additional steps to make joining Remote Year possible?

My life just before approval was upside down, I had recently ended a 9 year relationship, which meant a new life. A few months later I heard about Remote Year, and applied, but by the time I got the approval, I had just signed a 6 month lease to a new apartment, so I wasn't in the position to go anymore, so I told Remote Year, and they were flexible about the program that I could enter. So that meant I had 6 months to plan things, which included getting a no from my current employer and having to find a new remote job that was okay with me traveling with Remote Year.

What was your favorite part about traveling with Remote Year?

The organised travel with a group of consistent people that became very close friends

Can you describe a typical (work) day in the life for you on Remote Year?

Wake up, have breakfast with my best friend (who I met on Remote Year), head to the workspace together, get some work done. Then at lunch we would usually explore the city that we were in a bit, maybe go shopping, maybe go to the beach. After that we usually would head home and get some more work done while chilling out at home with music playing in the background. For dinner we would usually find an interesting restaurant (or get food delivered if we were feeling lazy)

What is your favorite Remote Year memory? 

Meeting my fiancée

If you could relive one Remote Year month where would it be and why?

Not a common pick within my group, I'm sure, but Sofia, Bulgaria. I met my now fiancée there, and I hung out a lot with her, and my best friend. We went snowboarding together with our group

How do you feel your Remote Year experience has benefited you personally?

I personally grew a lot as a person, I am more confident, outgoing, than I ever was before.

How do you feel your Remote Year experience has benefited you professionally?

I really started to understand the value of balancing work with life, while still delivering value to the company I work for, but also making sure I experience life changing things, and keep healthy

What is one piece of advice you would give to people considering joining a Remote Year program?

Whatever you think you need to take, take half. You can always buy things you didn't bring, but it's hard to get rid of stuff that you brought along, want to keep, but ultimately don't actually need or use during the trip

What’s next for you?

Living in another country with my fiancée, but ultimately our plan is to go back home and live in Australia

"Take the leap!"

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