You don't have to choose between work and travel.  You can have both.

Remote year brings together communities of  professionals, entrepreneurs, and adventurers for an unforgettable year of personal and professional growth.   Together, they spend one year living, working, and exploring 12 different cities, seeing the world as they never have before.


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Travel the world.  Do amazing work.  
Build community.  Grow professionally.
Leave normal behind. Become a better you.


Become a local all over the world.

Our local Experience Directors give Remotes the opportunity to see 12 world class cities in ways only locals can.  Regular day trips, customized interest-based "Tracks", and local-only community building events provide Remotes a back door into experiencing cultures close up.


Exponential personal and professional growth.

Push beyond your comfort zone.  Learn a new skill.  Start a new business.  Remote Year communities connect with local cultures and business ecosystems, forming lifelong, borderless personal and professional relationships along the way.

Focus on your work.

Remote Year provides all Remotes with private rooms, 24/7 workspaces with lightning fast wifi, flights between your destinations, bus trips, and fantastic on-the-ground advice so you can concentrate on the experience.


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Meet your fellow Remotes.

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Explore the world...
without quitting your job.


Apply and Interview

Request an application invitation here and we'll send it to you by email.   Once completed, our Admissions Committee will review your application and if accepted, invite you for a video interview to help us make a final decision.
What do we look for in an applicant?

Get Your Employer Onboard

If you're not in a remote position already, we can help.  About half of all jobs are remote compatible, and our Employer Approval Process has helped 73% of applicants make remote arrangements with their employer- from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
How does Remote Year help me create a remote work arrangement?

Start Your Remote Year!

Congratulations, you're accepted!  We have new groups starting out monthly, and our Admissions Consultants will help figure out which ones work for both your schedule and your work arrangement.
Where does Remote Year go?


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