TUTU program
Vietnam - Thailand - Indonesia - Japan - South Africa - Spain - Portugal - Croatia - Peru - Brazil - Colombia - Mexico
October 3, 2021 - October 1, 2022
Under 15 Spots Remaining
When you join the Tutu program and community, you'll be part of a 12-month international exploration that's rich in cultural immersion, professional development, and personal exploration and growth.

Respectfully named after the inspirational South African humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner known for his opposition to apartheid, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Tutu program takes you on a journey through 4 diverse continents with a community of remote professionals eager to step out of their comfort zone, expand global perspectives, and encounter one of the most formative years of their life.
Chanel Ry Yugen Program
Chanel - RY Yugen Program
“This is going to be one of the best cities on your itinerary. Even if it's your month 12 make sure you get out and explore. Eat all the tacos, drink all the mezcal margaritas, and don't wait till the end of the month to discover the deliciousness that is chicarron de queso.”
Denysha - RY Fernweh Program
HR Specialist
“I loved getting to know the City Team, getting a glimpse of what life is like living among RY Citizens, meeting RY staff, dancing at La Santa, investing in the community through community service, eating tacos, seeing mass quantities of dogs. I guess you can say I liked CDMX a little.”
Scott - RY Veritas Program
Consulting Engineer
“It's a beautiful city with beautiful weather and wonderful, engaging people.  See as much of it as you can!?
Rob - RY Fernweh Program
“Mexico City is an awesome place with so many fun things to do and see - and the best food to eat. There were also loads of RY citizens in town, which can make it even more fun. I enjoyed going to the wrestling, pyramids, zoo, Chapultepec Park, and the Spanish lessons."
Olga- RY Veritas Program
Marketing Manager
“Enjoy everything the city had to offer! CDMX is so rich in history, culture and LIFE. Eat all the tacos, go to all the parks and venture outside the city for some fun day trips.”
Alondo - RY Battuta Program
Mobile App Developer
“I’ve been to places I never would’ve seen on my own because I decided to say “Yes” to RY and the experience to which the program/participants have invited me. I wouldn’t trade this for anything. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Life in a cubicle won’t cut it for me now!”
Who Is This Program For?
This 12-month journey through Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America is for the remote working professional who is ready to break free from their daily routine, live and work from some of the world's most breath-taking destinations, and embark on a transformative year of personal and professional growth alongside a diverse community of like-valued individuals. 

What's included
Local Experiences
Community Programming
Transport from the airport
Flights between destinations
Program Leader & Local Team
Health & Medical
These are just a few of the amazing humans coming together to bring you a life-changing experience.
Program Leader
Your Program Leader will make your group feel like you’ve known each other forever by organizing community-building experiences and programming, providing on-site support, and helping make the magic happen.
Local Team
Your local team and our partners are that friend that’s always in the know. They will make sure you feel at home where you’re staying and working. If you haven’t fallen in love with their culture or country after joining their curated local experiences, we haven’t done our job!
Local Partners
& Friends
Our incredible team of local partners & friends will be popping in, whether that’s to lead a walking tour, an afternoon hike, a cooking class, a positive impact day, or just to hang out.
Hanoi, Vietnam
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Bali, Indonesia
Osaka, Japan
Cape Town, South Africa
Valencia, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Split, Croatia
Lima, Peru
Florianopolis, Brazil
Medellin, Colombia
Mexico City, Mexico
The Tutu program travels through 4 continents rich with welcoming communities, long-standing traditions and history, and diverse cultures.

You'll start your journey in Asia, where you’ll love experiencing spring in a region steeped in incredible culinary, cultural, historical, and entrepreneurial traditions. While you’re there you’ll be one of the lucky few to say you’ve seen the magical lantern festival in Chiang Mai and have celebrated the New Year in Bali.

Next, you'll head down to South Africa, one of the most nature-forward and beautiful cities on the planet. Here you’ll celebrate peak summer season surrounded by striking views of mountains, beaches, deserts, and vineyards. From hiking Lion’s Head at sunrise to visiting the penguins who freely roam the beaches, to drinking some of the best local wine you’ve ever tasted, Cape Town has something for everyone.

After Africa, you’ll continue to Europe, where you can watch spring transform the region as you visit centuries-old historical landmarks and indulge in culinary traditions - all while living in the heart of three coastal cities. With picturesque European architecture and energy wrapping around every corner, you can spend each day soaking up the sun and ocean air, indulging in local delicacies, and find ancient history down every winding road.

Finally, you’ll finish your year enjoying Latin America. Here you’ll experience an amazing mix of mountains, beaches, and metropolitan cities full of charming landscapes, aromatic coffee, parks, and foods with indigenous influences to cap off your life-changing year of travel.
In every city, you’ll love living like a local with walkable streets, great options for cafe-hopping, dining, or entertainment, and convenient access to everything right outside your door.
You will be staying in comfortable private bedrooms in a mix of 2-3 bedroom apartments or houses as well as hotels. You will be in amazing neighborhoods with a mix of a local and international flavor within walking distance from the workspace. You’ll love the great location, trendy atmosphere, and access to so much to do all around you. There may be options to upgrade to a private apartment after booking.
Private Room
(shared apartment or house)
Your Workspace
You will have 24/7 access to a workspace in each Remote Year destination. You’ll love the beautifully designed space and meeting the diverse community of locals and foreigners. We will always have plenty of desks, phone booths, and bookable meeting rooms.

Your Experience

The Tutu program includes carefully curated programming that gives you an authentic taste of each country. Each program includes 2-3 locally curated experiences, country and language orientations, weekly community activities, and social events, local walking tours, skill-sharing sessions, and positive impact experiences. There are also overnight and weekend trips available at a cost. Below is a mix of some of the curated local experiences and side trips that are either included or available at a cost on your program.
Balkans Road Trip
Azores Eco Wonderland
Las Palmas Getaway
African Safari Experience
Cape Town
Ha Long Bay Cruise
Elephant Freedom Project
Chiang Mai
Countryside & Camping
Kyoto Temple Experience
Machu Picchu Experience
The Real Rio de Janeiro
Quindio Coffee Experience
Hot Balloons & Pyramids
Mexico City
93% of Remote Year participants have rated their experience positively
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What’s not included?
You are responsible for your flight to the first Remote Year destination city and your flight outfrom the last destination. You are also responsible for all visas and travel insurance needed. Meals are also not included.
How many people will be on the program?
Program sizes always vary, but we usually have between 25-40 people on each program.
Can I bring my significant other or pet?
Significant Other: Yes, we’d love to have your significant other sign up for the program too! If you are sharing a bedroom, you will both receive 20% off each monthly fee. After you pay your down payment, just send us a message here and we’ll send you discounted invoices.

Pets: We are not able to support pets on programs currently, but we are going to do our best to continue exploring this option and will update you in the future if it becomes viable.
What is the visitor policy?
The full policy around visitors in Remote Year accommodations varies per destination, accommodation, and the preferences of your roommate(s) (if you have one or more). The comfort and space for your visitor will vary greatly by accommodation, so it will be up to you to determine if your living space is sufficient for your visitor. Visitors must be approved by the Program Leader and roommates. When they can be accommodated, visitors can stay in Remote Year accommodations for a maximum of 5 nights of any single month.
Which airport should I fly into for pickup?
We will be doing pickups from the airport of your first destination at a few scheduled windows on launch day. We will share exact times during the onboarding process, but expect the window to be around 10am - 4pm.
Can I specify roommates or food preferences?
Yes, after booking, you’ll receive an Onboarding survey to indicate your living preferences, food restrictions, and allergies.
Will I have wifi and space to work?
Yes, you will always have wifi and workspace access.
What happens if I get sick during the program?
We have access to local doctors, local health resources, and health services in close proximity.
What’s the weather/seasonality?
We chose this itinerary because we think it’s a great time to be in these destinations.
Is the region safe?
We always work with our safety and security partner, International SOS, to determine the best destinations for each of our programs with your safety in mind.
Where can I find the latest on COVID restrictions?
We will always follow all global and local guidelines. Please check for your country-specific requirements and feel free to use the US State Dept site as a starting point. For more information on our approach to COVID, please click here.
What if I have more questions about this program?
Please reach out to Remote Year for all inquiries.
Payment Schedule
Due today
Due 60 days before your program
Due 30 days before your program
Due each month during your program (x12)
Total program price (12 months)
Book with confidence
All bookings are changeable with no fees up until 30 days before the program start. New bookings can be rescheduled up to 1 year from the original program start date. See Terms & Conditions.
What if I have to cancel?
We understand that personal plans may change, so we are waiving change fees up to 60 days before the program starts. You can rebook for a future program up to 12 months from your original program start date. For extenuating circumstances, please see Terms & Conditions.
When do I need to make the payments?
You’ll need to make an initial down payment of $
to reserve your spot. The remainder of your down payment is due in two installments of $
due 60 and 30 days prior to the start of your program. During the program, you’ll pay $
per month for each of the twelve months.
What if I need more flexibility on payments?
If you need help with a payment plan or financing, please reach out to our team for options.
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