Introducing Remote Village

Watch this short video from our CEO on Remote Year’s newest experience, Remote Village. See how you can connect with a like-minded community while growing and experiencing the world, even during this global pandemic.

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What is Remote Village?

Remote Village is a hand-selected community of 30-50 remote working professionals that share a common interest and live, work, and grow together. We'll take care of everything from logistics, housing, activities, and your workspace so you can focus on what matters most: connecting with others and yourself. Find the right Village for you based on the location and theme of each experience.

Join fellow remote workers state-side

Remote Village is a driven, remote-working community that lives, works, and grows together one month at a time in initial locations in the US.

We coordinate all of the logistics including your housing, workspace, social activities, weekend trips, and themed programming so that you can comfortably immerse and explore the locations chosen to help you work, connect, grow, and live your best life.

Continue to connect despite COVID

 Remote Village’s goal is to offer a themed experience with your “Village” of other like-minded professionals. [INSERT THEMES] After months of isolation and social distancing, you'll enjoy connecting with a community of other diverse professionals and participating in thoughtfully curated programming designed to help you connect and grow.

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Like Remote Year programs, pay a monthly fee and we take care of everything else

Connect With Others Like You

After months of social isolation, enjoy the numerous opportunities to socialize, network, and share new travel experiences with other driven remote professionals like yourself. Opt into as many trips, activities, and themed programming as you want while growing your career, community, and yourself.

24/7 Workspace Access

No need to look for wifi. We partner with workspaces in each city so you can hit the ground running the moment you come to the Village.

Private Room Accommodations

Have privacy when you want! Feel at home in Remote Village with a private room in a fully furnished apartment.

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