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See how you can work and travel the world with a community of other professionals without having to quit your job.

Remote Year is a company that provides a platform for professionals who want to live and work in different cities around the world without having to compromise their professional pursuits. The company was founded in 2015 by Greg Caplan and Sam Pessin and since then over 2,500 professionals have participated on one of our work and travel programs.

Join a program with your current employment situation and follow an itinerary with a group of like-minded participants from a variety of different backgrounds for a year, 6-months, or 4-months.

Why Remote Year?

World travel without the hassle.

We handle all the planning and logistics so you can focus on the experience. For a monthly fee, our staff covers accommodations, flights, workspace access, local experiences, and more in every stop on your itinerary.

A unique take on work-life balance.

Our local city teams are there to plan activities and events throughout the week so that participants can easily enjoy the experience without interfering with their job. Fit in a hike before the work day or a cooking class during lunch

Community bonds like no other.

Traveling with other members of your community for the duration of your itinerary will allow you to create unique relationships from professional connections to life-long friendships that will last long after the program is over.

"Remote Year is an absolutely amazing experience - and every day I wake up amazed at where I am and SO grateful for this opportunity. Above all, I want to travel, but did not see it as a possibility with my current job, or anytime in the future. Remote Year has given me the platform to not only travel, but to grow, connect, and thrive in ways I could not have imagined."

Coco Freling, Research Associate

Who We Are and What We Do

Remote Year is the premier work and travel provider for professionals. Since its founding in 2015, over 2,500 people have joined one of our world-class programs traveling across three continents. Our team is made up of 100+ people working fully remote or locally in our year round international destinations. We take pride in being a global remote workforce and are excited to share it with companies worldwide.

About our Work and Travel Programs

At this time, Remote Year offers two kinds of work and travel programs that operate across 5 continents: itineraries (come at 3 program lengths) and Destinations.

  • Itineraries
    Itineraries come at three different itinerary lengths — 12, 6 and 4 months long. In joining one of our itinerary programs, you’ll travel to a new city each month on a set itinerary with a group of fellow professionals from various industries and nationalities. Learn more about Itineraries
  • Destinations
    Destinations is our newest month-long program offerings. On Destinations programs, you visit one city for a long month long with a group of other professionals. Learn More about Destinations

All of our programs essentially have the same service offering as far as what's included, so participants usually join a program based on their personal preference of itinerary locations, length, and departure date. While each Remote Year program has its own vibe and unique community, what’s included in our service remains consistent.

Who Joins Our Programs

Remote Year participants span the range of 21-73 and our groups vary between 20-30 people per Destination. We love diversity in our programs and aim to bring together a group of established professionals of all different ages, backgrounds, and industries. When you join, you can expect a group of genuinely awesome human beings who are all seeking the opportunity to live abroad and immerse themselves in a new country and culture with a community of  like minded individuals.

What’s Included

On Remote Year, everything you need to transition into your new exciting work and travel lifestyle. From the moment you decide to join a program to long after it ends, Remote Year has the resources, support and services to help you every step of the way.

  • Accommodations
    Fully-furnished private room accommodations in an exciting neighborhood in each city. 
  • Workspace
    24/7 access to a local workspace within walking distance of your apartment with reliable wifi connection and call booths to take private calls for work.
  • Travel
    Flights between Itinerary destinations, including door-to-door transportation to and from the airport in every city on itinerary programs. Transportation from airport for Destinations programs.
  • Local Experiences
    Curated programming, culturally-immersive experiences you’ll take part in on program, social gatherings, and Positive Impact events, where you’ll be able to give back to the communities that you’re living and working in. Hou also have access to our Marketplace of additional experiences and side-trips for you to customize your experience even more.

You can check out a more comprehensive list of what's included here.

The Remote Nation

Our mission to create a more peaceful and productive world by fostering genuine human connections across diverse cultures and people. In working towards this mission, it was important to us to give all of our members a greater sense of belonging outside of their Remote Year program communities. That's why the Remote Nation exists.

The Remote Nation is made up of upcoming participants, current participants, and past participants (who we call “Citizens”) who have completed at least four months of a Remote Year program. Fostering this growing community of over 2,500 members has been essential to carrying out our mission and also extremely beneficial to our participants as they have been able to extend their Remote Year experiences through creating their own personal relationships, professional opportunities and memories with each other within the entire network.

How to Join

  • STEP 1: Join a program with your current employment situation. No need to quit your job. The first step is to schedule a call with a Program Consultant. If you don't currently work remotely we can help you talk to your manager and make Remote Year work for you.
  • STEP 2: Pack your suitcase and arrive at your first stop. Once you officially commit to a program, our Onboarding team will provide you with all the resources you'll need to help you prepare for your journey. Then, you just need to board that first flight.
  • STEP 3: Pay the monthly fee and we take care of everything else. We arrange everything from your workspace and travel logistics to cultural activities in the countries you're visiting so that you can enjoy the experience.

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