Remote year brings together 50-80 professionals, entrepreneurs, and adventurers for an unforgettable year of personal and professional growth. 

Together, they spend one year living, working, and exploring 12 different cities, seeing the world as they never have before.


Why Remote Year?

Local Experience Tracks

Curated, authentic, local experiences designed specifically for and chosen by you.

Collective Experiences

Learn from fellow Remotes, create positive social impact, and make the best friends you will ever have.

All Logistics Covered.  

Remote Year provides all Remotes with private rooms, 24/7 workspaces with lightning fast wifi, flights,
bus trips, and fantastic on-the-ground advice so you can concentrate on the experience.



What our remotes say.


Come see the world with us.

Request your Remote Year Application Invite below and we'll deliver the information you need to decide if Remote Year is right for you.