A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

Are you a Freelancer interested in going on Remote Year? Here's how one of our freelance professionals on our programs spends her days on Remote Year.

About half of all Remote Year participants enjoy the flexibility of self-employment. The community of freelancers and entrepreneurs in the Remote Na1on share resources, trade industry insights, pass and barter work, and provide a network of accountability to encourage professional development during and after programs.

Meet Claudia Monroy

Claudia is a master of two crafts: freelancing and graphic design. She honed her skills throughout her experience working at small companies and large agencies alike, positioning herself as an invaluable asset to her clients, while finding the balanced lifestyle she always craved on Remote Year.

“Having no set schedule is the biggest plus to being a freelancer - you can rearrange and move things around. So on a TracksTM day, I can just decide to not work. On the other hand, sometimes I stay behind to work and miss out on things my friends are doing because I am the only person responsible for my success.”

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