The Remote Nation at a Glance

When you join Remote Year, you don’t just join a program — you join a larger global community of professionals connected by a shared experience and community mission.

As more programs launched and the community continued to grow in 2016, founders Greg Caplan and Sam Pessin felt that the community needed a more defined title so that members could feel more of a sense of togetherness that wasn’t exclusive to their smaller program community, but all professionals that have done Remote Year.

From that point forward, the community became the Remote Nation and membership is now one of the most beloved benefits of joining and completing a Remote Year program.

Here's What You Need to Know

Calling All Professionals!

The requirements to join a program are simply being an adult with working english proficiency in some kind of professional pursuit. As a result, our participants are very diverse when it comes to age, nationality, background, and industry. We welcome all types of professionals as long as you’re able to support yourself throughout the program.

Think small and then think BIG.

Within your smaller community, who you'll travel with for the duration of your program, you’ll make deeper and more meaningful connections. Then, within Remote Year’s larger global network, you can connect with the thousands of other members of the Nation on the ground or online through Nation Slack

Types of connections you make are endless.

You’ll never know who you’ll meet! Past remotes have found their closest friends, co-founders, work connections, and even their significant others.

Our Nation by the Numbers

Though a large part of our Nation hails from the United States, we're proud to say that members come from all over the world. Other countries where many of Remotes come from include Canada, Germany, Australia, the UK and Portugal.

Age is only a number. Don't believe us? Check out our resource ➡️ Remote Year at Any Age

While there are more obvious job positions that are remote-friendly, many of the professionals on Remote Year are spearheading remote work in their industry. If you think your job can be done remotely, but it's not typical for you're industry check out ➡️ How Our Enterprise Solutions Team can help

Over 1000 employers have agreed to let at least one employee (sometimes more!) participate on a Remote Year program and taking part inleading the future of work. Not sure if your employer would be into it? Schedule time with your Program Consultant (you never know until you ask!)

Our Growth

It's been 4 years and we're STILL GROWING! New programs are always launching and members are joining our movement every day. Are you next?

Keep your job. See the world.
Leave the planning to us.

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