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Remotes are eager to share their firsthand experiences with Remote Year. Check out some of the experiences below to see what real participants do on our programs and how they feel about their experiences.
“March 2017, I picked up my life in San Francisco and put it in one way plane ticket to Croatia. Lived in 20+ countries, met 200+ amazing new people, acquired 350+ bug bites, and have countless memories around the world. To be completely modest, I’d have to say this was THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.”
Jessica Siao
Graphic Designer

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"I had already been working and traveling before either by myself or with a friend, however to know that there was a group that I could join, make friends with, network with, build business with, get inspired by, learn new skills from, all while traveling the world and enjoying it together with this very group, I personally don't think there is a better opportunity out there than this."
Randy Bechtold
Business Owner, JRB Sourcing
"Remote Year took my entire life and turned it upside-down (in the best way). There’s no such thing as a “typical 9-to-5” here. Every day, I learned more about the world and its people. Every day brought something new: a conversation with a friendly local, bizarre cuisine, cozy workspace in a hidden cafe, skydiving trip before the workday started(!). If I could rewind and live the whole thing again, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”
Kelly Sheridan
Associate Editor, Dark Reading

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"I've spent the last year of my life living out a suitcase and traveling to over 20 countries with a group of 45 amazing individuals. I've made countless memories and gotten to see places I couldn't have even imagined. BUT, after a year of travel... I've realized that traveling is often not about the places. Traveling is about the people.
Justin Poore
Freelance Animator

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