OUR commitment to your safety
Your safety is very important to us and we are increasing our health and hygiene practices. We have updated our safety protocols to always follow local and global guidelines at a minimum.
book with confidence
We know plans change, so we are introducing more flexible policies. We are waiving change fees so you can rest assured that the value of your program won't be lost if you need to make a change or rebook a different program.
community guidelines
We have established and will co-create community guidelines, including: wearing of masks in public areas, frequent washing of hands, prohibition of strangers in private apartments without consent of roommates, protocols for notification, testing and quarantine if needed. In the interim, we will require negative PCR tests prior to arrival.
access to support
We have partnered with International SOS to have up-to-date health and safety information and assistance with medical needs. We also have a recommended list of hospitals and local clinics for COVID testing or medical care and may have access to healthcare professionals on-site in some cases.
What COVID-19 precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of participants?

We have updated all of our health & safety protocols to follow local and global guidelines. We have co-created community guidelines, such as the wearing public masks in public spaces, frequent washing of hands, and practicing social distancing. We will also now require that prior to or at arrival, you present a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of your flight to your Remote Year program.

Will Remote Year still require a negative PCR test even if the country does not require it?

In the interim, yes. We know there is the legal thing to do, which we will always do, such as following local guidelines. However, there’s also the right thing to do and we want to do our best to create the safest environment possible for our participants and the local communities that welcome us. Testing has become highly accessible and we believe it is a worthwhile to give our participants a safe and enjoyable experience from the start.

Is there a chance that Remote Year programs will be canceled due to COVD-19 and what happens to my payments?

While we will do everything in our power to run a program as planned, we know that the global environment requires more flexibility than before. If we must cancel a program, we will try to notify you at least 30 days prior and will work with you to place you on another program or issue a refund.

What if someone gets sick before or during the program?

If someone receives a positive PCR test prior to arrival, we will give them credit and work with them to place them on a future program. Everyone will have been tested prior to arrival, but we will also follow local and global guidelines to check temperatures or ask about symptoms on a health questionnaire. If someone still gets sick despite these precautions, we will immediately notify the community and offer access to a private quarantine option to isolate the individual from the rest of the group.

Do I need travel insurance to participate?

Yes, we believe this is necessary to protect each participant and, in some instances, is already required by some local governments. Health insurance coverage is readily available, affordable, and Remote Year can help connect you with options.

I have to get tested before flying to my next destination. Is there a test option nearby?

Yes, Remote Year will have testing options for those that need it. In some cases, such as our Retreats in Costa Rica, we will be able to facilitate an on-site doctor to offer COVID testing prior to departure.

Is COVID-19 a factor in what destinations Remote Year decides to visit?

Yes, before selecting a destination, we look at a variety of factors related to safety and security, as well as the experience we can deliver for our community. For our first Retreat program, for instance, we selected a secluded, private property on 65 acres of land that will be used exclusively for Remote Year. This will offer our participants easy access to beautiful nature, outdoors, fresh air, and open spaces, while limiting external interaction as needed.

What sources of information are you using to inform your decisions?

We are working tirelessly to monitor and evolve our approach to COVID using the guidance of our safety and security partner, International SOS, the CDC, and the US State Department.