Remote Year is 4.

Four years ago our first ever work and travel program launched in Prague with 75 participants who responded to the question our founders posed “Who wants to work and travel around the world together?”
Read more about our growth, how to follow the celebration and also limited time discounts we're running this month on programs and citizen products.

A Note from the Founders

Before our first program launched in 2015, Remote Year was just a simple idea and a Squarespace page we created in our Chicago apartment. Four years, 50+ program launches and over 2,000 “Remotes” (participants) later, we can certainly say we’ve learned a lot through building and growing the company — lessons about business, world travel, and remote work — but the main lesson we’ve learned is that Remote Year is about the people.

The people who responded to the crazy question we posted out to the world. Our passionate employees who work every day to ensure our growth and day-to-day operations go smoothly and who stay true to what we’ve set out to do. The members that make up our community who not only feel so strongly about their own personal and professional development, but also understand the greater importance of the future of work. All of these people care so much about our mission to create a more peaceful and productive world, and all of these people have made Remote Year what it is today.

We just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for taking part in this revolution with us. We can’t wait to see where it’s going to take us.

Greg Caplan and Sam Pessin
Remote Year Co-Founders

Members in
The Remote Nation

From over 57 countries.
Member Age Range
Median Age
45% to 55%
Male to Female Ratio
Companies have approved an employee to participate on a Remote Year program.
Full-Time Employees
Program Launches
12 month
4 month
6 month
Industry Representation

Nation Growth over 4 Years

Every year our community has grown with more and more professionals backing the future of work.

4 years and we're just getting started.

In honor of our 4th birthday, we're offering discounts for all current members of the Nation as well as anyone that joins a 2019 Remote Year program for our birthday month.

🎉 Remote Year Birthday Discounts

We're gifting anyone that feels inspired to join our community and support our mission. Schedule time with a Program Consultant to find out more details on how to take advantage.

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Citizen Exclusive Discounts

To celebrate all the Remotes who got us to this point, every week we'll be releasing new offers on citizen products to our Nation. Check your email and Nation slack for the latest deals and voucher codes you can use on the Remote Year Marketplace.

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