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What is Remote Year

Remote Year brings together global remote workers seeking to combine work and travel across 20+ destinations worldwide. We provide everything you need – from accommodations and workspaces to curated experiences, a built-in community and a dedicated local team – allowing you to focus on your job while immersing yourself in new cultures. Whether you're a seasoned nomad or new to remote work, our trips cater to every professional, budget, and lifestyle preference. Choose your own adventure with flexible monthly itineraries or embark on our unique, life-changing 12-month journey around the globe, all facilitated by Remote Year's seamless logistical support.

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What is Remote Year?

Trip Types

Join our incredible community working remotely from Latin America, Asia, Europe & Africa. Explore the world with your new adventure friends on any one of these trips:

RY Adventures

What to expect

No matter where you go with us, some things are always consistent on Remote Year

A Feeling of Home

A Feeling of Home

  • 100% local teams from the countries you visit
  • City orientations at the beginning of every month
  • Tips & recommendations to help you immerse fully
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

  • Fully vetted accommodations in the best neighborhoods
  • Productive, reliable, conveniently located workspaces
  • Vetted partners and curated local experiences
Diverse Community

Diverse Community

  • Different backgrounds, but a shared sense of adventure
  • Mostly solo travelers who see the value of community
  • Facilitated social events throughout the month

What happens before your trip

As soon as you join, get connected with the community digitally and with online meet ups, while getting support from our team along the way.

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An example month on a trip

Customize your schedule the way you want. All experiences and local events are optional, giving you complete control to jam-pack your schedule or go with the flow.

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What happens after your trip

Stay connected with the broader RY global community through the monthly newsletter, webinars, or meetups, or hop back on the road for your next RY trip.

What is a Remote Year Membership?

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Membership allows you to purchase curated experiences from our members-only Marketplace, in case you’re passing through an RY destination and want to connect with the Community, and other perks such as:
Book Remote
 Year Trips

Book Remote Year Trips

Shop add-on
 activities on the RY

Shop add-on activities on the RY Marketplace

Job Development

Job Development Workshops

Attend Worldwide
 Meetups & Events

Attend Worldwide Meetups & Events

Have International
 SOS support

Have International SOS support

Access to the RY
 Nation Hub

Access to the RY Nation Hub

In addition, membership provides valuable discounts and services with select partners tailored to support your remote work and travel lifestyle, from visa services and e-sims, to educational courses.

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Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for information regarding membership, trips and participation, job board, and more.