Around the World.

Live and travel the world for a year throughout some of the world's most vibrant cities in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

About this Program

As Remote Year's original work and travel program, our 12-month Around the World program is our most transformative experience in which you’ll get the chance to explore several continents, try as many different types of cuisine as possible, explore new passions, learn new skills, complete personal goals, develop meaningful relationships with your community and really change your life.

While our 12-month program is different for all our participants, Remotes often tell us that the year-long program is an intense and powerful experience that leaves them with a renewed sense of confidence and empowerment, a familial community of fellow global citizens, and a newfound understanding of global perspective.

You may take risks that you would have never dreamed of in your “normal” life, meet people that have vastly different backgrounds and perspectives than your own, and climb to the top of a mountain with the goal of seeing a city from a new vantage point, only to find that you’re seeing yourself in a different light too.

Joining this program will give you a year of your life that you’ll never be able to fully explain, but it’s one that has taught you lessons that you’ll carry with you for a lifetime.

Cities on this Itinerary

Each Remote Year itinerary for this type of program willl consist of a combination of only 12 of the cities listed below. That said, the final itinerary and order they will be visited will vary depending on the specific program departure that you choose.

Cape Town
South Africa
Chiang Mai
Kuala Lumpur
Mexico City
Medellín, Colombia

What's Included

Included at and in between every stop on your itinerary throughout the program.

The Remote Year Travel Team takes care of your door-to-door travel logistics between each destination.
24/7 Workspace Access
A coworking space within 30 minutes walking distance of your accommodation.
A private, furnished room in each city, usually in an apartment with fellow participants.
Local Experiences and Events
Cultural, educational, and social activities organized into multiple Tracks™.
Local and Travelling Staff
1-2 Remote Year program leaders for each group as well as local staff on the ground in each city.
Enterprise Solutions Team
We’ll work with you, or directly with your employer, to help craft the perfect pitch for making the case for remote work.
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Program Cost

Down Payment: $5,000

The down payment is paid when you officially sign up for a Remote Year program to secure your spot. When you make this first payment, it shows us your serious commitment to a program and affords us the confidence to begin booking all of your arrangements on your behalf through our travel and city teams.

Monthly Fee: $2,000

The monthly fee is paid at the beginning of every month as you land at each stop on your itinerary. The fee covers everything included in that city and can be thought of as "paying rent" except instead of just covering for your accommodations, you're also getting flights, events and programming, on-site support, and much much more.

Join an Around the World Program Today.

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Remote Year Huerta
November 29, 2020
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