Everything you need to transition into your new exciting work and travel lifestyle.

From the moment you decide to join a program to long after it ends, Remote Year has the resources, support and services to help you every step of the way.

Before Your Program Starts

For many, Remote Year seems like a far reach from their current job and daily routine. The good news is that we've already helped hundreds of professionals to make it possible with our dedicated staff and various tools and resources on remote work and travel.
Program Consultants

Once you Get Started, you'll hop on a call with one of our program consultants. They'll answer all your questions about Remote Year and also assist you in finding the best itinerary for you.

Enterprise Solutions

Don't work remotely at your current company? Our Enterprise Solutions Team can provide you with resources and help you talk to your employer about joining a program.

Onboarding Team

After you've committed to a program, you'll get passed onto a member of our Onboarding team who will provide you with everything you need to know before you depart for your journey.

Throughout the Experience

Remote Year's all-inclusive monthly fee* for the duration of your itinerary will cover everything from your travel logistics, workspace, cultural and local experiences, and much much more.

*The cost of programs depends on the itinerary you choose.

Logistics and lifestyle support for your new routine.

Travel Booking & Transportation

Remote Year covers all the logistical plans and reservations between cities on your program itinerary including bringing you to and from the airport. On transition day, you'll receive all of your flight information straight to your inbox.

*Flights between cities does not apply for Destinations
24/7 Workspace Access

You’ll have 24/7 access to one of our partner workspaces in every city. Each space is no more than a 30 minute walk from your apartment and is complete with reliable wifi, printers, copiers, private call rooms and more.

Private Room Accommodations

We understand how important it is that your home away from home actually feels like home. In every Remote Year city you'll have a private room in a fully furnished apartment with fellow Remote Year participants.

Unique programming, events, and experiences.

Social & Professional Events

On your program you'll be able to join various social and professional events allowing you to grow your network, sharpen your skills or even learn something new.

Local Tracks™ & Side Trips

You'll have access to the Remote Year Marketplace, a one-stop shop curated and unique local adventures so you can customize your Remote Year experience.

Positive Impact Initiatives

Each program is committed to volunteering, fundraising, and activating other positive impact opportunities around the world through partnerships in each of our cities.

Dedicated staff for every stop on your journey.

Program Leaders

A Program Leader travels with you throughout your entire program. They work closely with our staff to provide you with great customer service throughout your Remote Year experience.

Local City Team

In every Remote Year destination, our local experience and operation directors are there to be your points of contact for anything from apartment matters to finding the best street food in the city.

Travel Team

Want to take a side trip or book a flight home? Remote Year is a fully-accredited travel agency and can help you get the best flight deals outside of your Remote Year itinerary.

Not to mention...

Everlasting memories.

Every day on Remote Year will offer something new — new people to meet, new places to see, new adventures to have. You'll create memories you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Life-long friendships.

On Remote Year you won't just meet new people. Other members in your community will become family and will often end up having a deeper level of understanding than even your loved ones.

A new outlook on life.

Whether you return home after your journey or continue traveling, your experience on Remote Year is sure to give you a fresh new perspective on life's possibilities.

"The amount of life-changing experiences, friends, and growth both professionally and personally have been more than I could have ever expected. Take the leap. You won't regret it.

Rachel Yancey
Producer @ Trilix, Remote Year Earhart
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After Your Program Ends

The experience doesn't end at the end of your itinerary. If you complete at least 4 months of a program, you'll be granted Citizen status which will allow you to continue to experience Remote Year long after your program has finished.

Remote Nation membership benefits.

Citizenship Services

After you've completed your program, being a Remote Year Citizen will give you access to special discounts, packages, and opportunities that aren’t available to people outside of the Remote Nation.

Access to a Global Community

Connected by the shared experience of having gone through a Remote Year program and a very large (and active!) Slack channel, the Remote Nation secures the global bond of Remote Year for all past and present members.

Nation Events & Meetups

Members of the nation plan frequent events, reunions and meetups in most major cities to connect with others who have gone through the program.

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