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What’s Included in Remote Year Citizenship?

All of the best parts of Remote Year don't have to come to an end just because your itinerary does. Enter: Remote Year Citizenship.

Life on a work and travel program is filled with lessons to learn and goals to accomplish. There are mountains to climb, oceans to dive into, city streets to explore,  and a community of incredible individuals who are right there by your side through it all.

It’s four or twelve months of ever-strengthening bonds, people brought together over the course of jam sessions held by bonfires on the beach, brainstorming sessions in the workspace, and layovers spent in lounges of airports around the world.

It’s knowing that you don’t have to think about the logistical side of travel: your flights, accommodations, and workspace membership are sorted out ahead of time. Without all of that extra stuff taking up your headspace, you can focus on the things that really matter: getting your work done and finding opportunities for fun and adventure.

It’s the feeling of collective joy when one of your fellow Remotes gets a promotion at work, and the underlying knowledge that if you were to experience tragedy, your community would come together for you in a heartbeat. It’s that “Remote Year magic” that everyone talks about, but no one has been able to accurately define.

We’re going to be honest with you here: nobody is ever exactly the same after they finish their time on program. They’ve experienced months of living amongst a tight knit community, receiving support from other participants and staff alike, working and living in some of the coolest places on the planet, taking part in hyperlocal, culturally-significant experiences and having their logistics taken care of from A to Z.

The good news: all of that doesn’t have to come to an end when your program does.

Enter: Remote Year Citizenship

What is a Remote Year Citizen?

A Remote Year Citizen is an alumni of a Remote Year work and travel program, whether that be a 4-month program or a 12-month program. If you have completed at least four months of a Remote Year itinerary before you conclude your time on program, congratulations! You’re considered a Remote Year Citizen.

As a Citizen, you’re a forever-valued part of the Remote Year community. Your commitment to the work and travel lifestyle, and your fellow Remotes, gives you access to special discounts, packages, and opportunities that aren’t available to people outside of the Remote Nation.

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What’s included in Remote Year Citizenship?

As a Remote Year Citizen, you’re part of one of the most inspiring alumni programs around. You’re welcomed into a group of nearly 1,000 former Remote Year participants with varied professional backgrounds, nationalities, experiences, and goals. Though you may have just said goodbye to the other members of your program, you’re saying hello to a much-larger community of risk-takers like you. The end of your time on a Remote Year program is actually the beginning of a lifetime of adventure, opportunity, and growth.

Along with the countless ways in which the Remote Year community will continue to enrich your life (think: continued support for your personal and professional goals on Slack, lifelong relationships, connections that could lead to professional growth, etc.), as a Citizen you’ll have access to the other aspects of the Remote Year program that you’ve grown to know and love.


You can’t get rid of us that easily! As a community-based work and travel program, Remote Year simply wouldn’t exist without the incredible bonds that people form while on program. As a Citizen, you’ll still be an active member of this vibrant community, with access to a Citizens-only Slack channel and the ability to attend a development-focused Nation House.

Special promotions

Promotions vary on an almost monthly basis, but you’ll always have first dibs as a Remote Year Citizen. Here are some special events and promotions that Citizens have taken part in in the past:

Citizens-only get-togethers in cities around the world

During August and September 2018, Citizens were given a discounted rate to live in Lisbon together in the form of a "Citizen Haus". They stayed in a 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom apartment in the same building and were offered weekly rates, so that all Remote Year Citizens could join. Rooms were booked quickly, and Remote Year Citizens from various programs are living it up in Lisbon this month with the group in town, Kanyini!

Community-specific reunions in a Remote Year city

We’d be remiss if we failed to mention the recent Darien reunion, which had 30+ Remote Year Darien Citizens reunite in Prague this past June. They held a backyard BBQ at the K10 coworking space thanks to help from the City Team, Danny and Tereze.

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Remote Year Darien Reunion

Last-minute, discounted accommodation availability in Remote Year cities

On Nation Slack, there exists a channel called #hot_spots where Citizens can see last minute room openings at Remote Year accommodations, and book them at a fraction of the cost. In addition to Slack communication, Citizens receive weekly updates on what’s happening in the Remote Nation, and what deals are available for them to take advantage of.

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Travel Team support

The Travel Team that worked tirelessly to help make your Remote Year experience seamless is still at your disposal as a Citizen. As a licensed and accredited travel agency, the incredible members of this team can help you book flights at cheaper rates than public travel aggregation websites. Ask them for help with side trips during a month that you are traveling with a current Remote Year program, visits to see other members of your Remote Year crew, or that weekend trip you've planned with some friends back home.

Flexible Remote Year packages

Remote Year Citizenship comes with the flexibility to choose which parts of the Remote Year platform you want to continue taking advantage of. Your life is on your terms as a remote worker - and now your Remote Year experience can be too.

Live + Connect

Offered on a monthly rate, the Live + Connect package was created for Citizens who love to hole up in their favorite café for a day of work, or prefer to take down their to-do list from the comfort of their home. The Live + Connect package includes everything that the Remote Year platform offers - except for workspace access.

Work + Connect

For those who want to have the Remote Year experience while living in their dream Airbnb, the Work + Connect package is the perfect choice. It includes everything that the Remote Year platform offers, even access to the stunning workspace. The only thing not included is your accommodation. If you’re planning on just passing through a Remote Year city for a week or two, but still want the full experience, you’re in luck. The Work + Connect package is offered at a weekly or monthly rate.


Finally, if you’ve got your living situation and workspace all figured out, you can still link up with the Remote Year community that is in the city that you’re visiting. The Connect package doesn’t include any accommodation or workspace access, but it still allows you to attend Remote Year events, including Tracks™. Pop by for a week, or for the entire month - this package is offered at a weekly or monthly rate.

One-month Remote Year program

Maybe you want it all, but don’t want to commit to another long term experience just yet. Maybe you want to have the full-blown, all-access Remote Year experience in a city that wasn’t on your original itinerary. As a Citizen, you have the option to join an active Remote Year program for one month, giving you the ability to live and work in a city that you’ve been eyeing, with a community that understands and accepts you.

Second Lap

Do you feel like one Remote Year program just wasn’t enough? We like the way you think. You can use your status as a Citizen to sign up for a “Second Lap” and join another upcoming Remote Year program at a discounted rate. Way to embrace the lifestyle.

Remote Year Citizens make up the ultimate alumni community, a network of global professionals that continue to reap the benefits of remote work and encourage others to make the leap. Taking advantage of Remote Year Citizenship means that you don’t have to give up the work and travel lifestyle that you know and love.

It’s possible for you to pick and choose the aspects of the platform that work best for you in this next stage of life, whether you’re on the move, living and working in a different city every month, or planning your next adventure from a home base. As a Citizen, you’re just one click of a button away from jumping back into the excitement of work and travel, being reunited with the people who changed your life while you were on program, and experiencing new, inspiring moments along the way.

As you know after months of continuous travel, “home” is more about the people than it is about the place. Though your original program may have ended, you’ll always be a part of the creative, crazy, entertaining, ambitious, empathetic, motivated group of people that make up your community. No matter where you are in the world, no matter how much time has passed, you can always come home to Remote Year.