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Program Types & Details

What are Destinations Programs?

Destinations is Remote Year’s newest product offering created to open up the Remote Year platform and ability to work remotely from different cities around the world to more professionals. Unlike our itinerary programs that visit multiple cities, you can participate on a Destination program and experience one of our top-rated cities during their peak seasons for just one month.

Is Destinations for me?

Only you can make the final decision but our Program Consultants can help you decide which program best fits your goals.  A few questions to ask yourself that have helped some of our Destination participants make the final decision:

  • Do you have a pet/child/significant other or another constraint that stops you from traveling for longer than a month?
  • Is your schedule very busy with work or personal commitments and you are having a hard time finding 4 consecutive months you would be able to travel but you happen to have 1 month free?
  • Are you very happy with your current lifestyle but you are just looking for some inspiration and to build your network?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions Destinations would be a perfect program for you. Our Program Consultants can help.

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