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Program Types & Details

Program Costs & Payments

What are the program costs? How do payments work?

The entire cost of a Remote Year program is broken up into several parts: the first payment and a fee that is paid for every month that you're on a program.

  • Down Payment
    The down payment is paid when you officially sign up for a Remote Year program to secure your spot. When you make this first payment, it shows us your serious commitment to a program and affords us the confidence to begin booking all of your arrangements on your behalf. We offer payment plans for down payments to help space out the larger payments for the program for Remotes participants on 4 and 12 month programs. The full down payment must be paid 60 days before the program begins. 
  • Program Fees
    Paid every month of the length of your program, this fee covers everything included in that city and can be thought of as "paying rent" except instead of just covering for your accommodations, you're also getting flights, workspace, events and programming, a community, on-site support, and much much more. For Itinerary programs (more than one month long), this fee is paid at the beginning of every month for every city you visit. For Retreats and 1-month programs, the fee is paid prior to your program start date.

The first payment will vary depending on the program length you choose  and the monthly payment may depend on the countries you chose, length of program, and seasonality.

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