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Do I have to travel with the program for the entire time?

You are not required to travel with a Remote Year program for the entire duration of your work and travel program. You’re after a flexible lifestyle after all! Here are the ways that our participants pop in and out during their Remote year experience:

Opt-out Policy

If you decide you'd like to take an entire month off from your Remote Year program, you’ll pay a reduced rate in order to hold your spot for upcoming months on program. You can ask your Program Consultant more about the Opt-out Policy once you schedule a call.

Vacations and Side Trips

Many Remote Year participants take extended vacations or weekend side trips to other cities while on program. If you decide not to opt-out for the entire month for these reasons, the regular monthly payment will apply.

Personal Leave

We understand that personal things come up, but we encourage all participants to complete their programs to get the full Remote Year experience. However, if you do decide to leave the program indefinitely, you are able to do so.

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