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Safety & Support

What is International SOS (ISOS)?

Remote Year is contracted with ISOS, the leader in global safety and security, to decide where to go (and where not to go), and provide emergency assistance services to Remote Year participants on program.

ISOS offers country specific support in the following areas and are available to all Remote Year participants 24/7:

  • Health and safety advice
  • Information on supplies of medication and equipment
  • Assistance due to loss of travel documents
  • Hospital and urgent care support including transportation*
  • Evacuation services*
  • Coordination of medical fees
  • Contacting an emergency contact and/or family
  • Emergency services if someone is injured or has safety concerns*
  • Travel security alerts
  • Support in seven different languages
  • Chat or call option
  • Coordination of medical fees
  • Chat or call option
  • Country guides which include:
  • Risk rating and summary or personal risk and the country’s stability
  • Security advice
  • Vaccinations and other medical precautions
  • Medical advice including standard of care, clinics and hospitals, medication advice, food and water, and health threats
  • Travel advice including getting around, language and currency, culture tips, phones and power, geography and weather and holidays
  • City guide which includes security risks, and local embassy and consulate information

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