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What is Nation Slack?

Slack is the messaging platform that we use to connect the members of the Remote Nation network (all past and present members of Remote Year). Anyone that is about to go on a program, currently on a program, or has completed at least four months of their a Remote Year program has access to our Nation Slack.

There are a number of benefits Slack provides our network no matter what part of your Remote Year journey you are on.

Access Before you Join

Slack for participants who haven't started their program yet find a lot of use out of slack to both ask for recommendations on how to prepare for Remote Year from the people who have already done it and connect with people on their own program before they meet them. In some cases, participants have also found success in finding a sublet for themselves if they need someone to take over their apartment during their experience.

Access while you're participating on Remote Year

Slack is the main form of communication between the members of your program and the Remote Year staff. This includes making announcements about what's going on during the week, asking questions to staff, and sharing parts of your experience from photos to funny memories.

Another benefit of slack on Remote Year that participants have access to the entire nation and over 2000 other members to connect with about their own industries or bond over mutual interests. Fostering friendships within the entire Remote Year network is highly encouraged.

Access after you complete your program

After your program ends, Slack acts as the main way to keep in touch with both your Remote Year community and other people who have your shared experience. Many opportunities to be involved with Remote Year are available for Citizens, such as meetups in your home cities, announcements for citizen deals, and also for professional purposes — for example, to join webinars for learning new skills, making professional connections, or looking for jobs. The possibilities are endless.

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