Meet Sara Cousins

Sara is a Member Services Coordinator from the USA traveling the world with Remote Year 1

What are you working on for the year?
I'm maintaining my typical role, in addition to fostering deeper relationships with EMPEA's emerging markets private equity members based in RY locations and meeting local potential members. 

Why did you decide to come on Remote Year?
My dream has always been to become immersed in many cultures throughout the world.  RY allows us to experience new places on a deeper level than does typical tourism.  The RY locations also fit well within the scope of my company and position. 

How did you find yourself in a remote role?
I am lucky enough to work with a company who understands the value of Remote Year and generously allowed me to shift my role, which is typically not remote. 

Describe your perfect day
My perfect day begins with quiet meditation and contemplation, followed by exploring new places and meeting new and diverse friends along the way.  Any day that begins with a sense of uncertainty and adventure is pure perfection. 

Where/when did you catch the travel bug?
I've always loved visiting new places, but my affinity for longer-term travel began with my university study abroad trip to Egypt in 2010.  Experiencing different ways of life has expanded my perception of reality and offered new ideas that can be implemented into my life.

What book should everyone read?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is such a profound book for anyone seeking life purpose or at a major crossroads. 

What is one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t currently?
Our youth should be strongly encouraged and supported in thinking and living outside the box.  In the US, I had always learned that I could do anything to which I put my mind, but I still feel a sense of expectation to work in a typical "9-to-5" career, which has always felt very restrictive.  I'm thrilled to see innovative initiatives like Remote Year, and I trust that this will inspire more people to fully enjoy their lives through alternative work- and lifestyles.