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Welcome to WIP (Work in Progress)

‍WIP (Work In Progress) is Remote Year’s first coworking space and the largest coworking space in Split, Croatia.

WIP (Work In Progress) is Remote Year’s first coworking space and the largest coworking space in Split, Croatia. With 300 square meters of workspace, fully equipped offices, conference rooms, call booths and a cafe, this beach-side oasis was built with digital nomads in mind.

After months of ideation, planning, construction and design, our doors officially opened this month. We sat down with Hannah Camarata, the mastermind behind WIP, to get look into the magic that went into making this a reality.


What was the inspiration behind the WIP design and name?

This being the first official coworking space designed by Remote Year, it was important to create a long standing home for participants. Something that comes out in the year of travel, is everyone is in a constant growth period in their life. I wanted to make sure that story and piece of growth is supported and addressed in the space. 

I felt like I was trying to find a way to empower people to be a “work in progress.” So not only is the idea to professionally keep pushing yourself to be okay with the change and progress, but on a personal level, have the community rally around that concept. We have the unique opportunity to set a culture here that breathes this sentiment and also enables the local & remote community to thrive!

Coworking space

What 5 words would you use to describe the final product of WIP Coworking?

Versatile, Creative, Smart, Oasis, Thoughtful

What is your favorite spot in the coworking space and why?

The cuddle nook “WIP Wall”. It’s important that there are different types of spaces for you to change things up- depending on your mood, there is a space for you to go to! Not only is the nook a comfortable and centralized statement piece, It’s a problem solving piece. 

One of the biggest challenges in the making of the space was adapting to all the utilities that needed to go into it. The Nook center-piece was created to help pull all the electricity to the center of the room.

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Having executed a full Remote Year program, what were the most important elements to have in a workspace?

Power & internet: Having an outlet within 3 ft of you — wherever you are there is somewhere to plug in!

Space & versatility: Among supportive, well made furniture, there’s a quiet area, soundproof call booths, a space to stare at the wall, big work desks and collaborative spaces to relax with the community, areas to stretch your legs, and a couple of soft nooks to sit back and relax.

Creativity: Movable pieces was another important factor to ensure adaptability for various environmental needs and events! The skeleton of the space includes a clean canvas for areas for remotes to feel they can help add to the “work in progress”.

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Behind the Scenes: Key Learnings

Not only did we start a company in Croatia, we had to learn about the local culture and society and learn how to work with them! Learn about their nuances, their inside jokes, and their ways of doing things. 

It’s important to not get tripped up on something that doesn’t fit the original plan, but solve the problems creatively — be adaptable to the circumstance of a new environment that in turn feeds into Remote Year — positive place for growth and learning.

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“WIP is a new community driven work space designed to inspire and support your individual and collaborative projects.

We believe that innovation breeds innovation. We will transform the world culture into one supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit, of risk taking, of pioneering into the unknown territories as the great leaders of our times. This requires education, entrepreneurship and a large network of creative workspaces.”

— WIP Coworking Manifesto