Community, the most powerful aspect of our Programs

You can climb Mt. Fuji in Japan, explore Machu Picchu in Peru, or venture to Cape Town alone, but unforgettable adventures begin when you share a laugh, a coffee, or experience with a vibrant community around you. Everything we do revolves around community. We are proud to be the most diverse, representative, and inclusive remote working community today. Our talented global community represents over 40 nationalities from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life who share a love of adventure and discovery. 

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our members starting companies, partnerships, and even marriages and families with one another. ‍We love making that magic happen for you. To achieve this, we put a lot of thought into your living arrangements, workspaces, and experiences so that you can connect with the people in your program and beyond.

As we journey together, we’re excited for you to join us in forming lifelong bonds and becoming better global citizens along the way. Let’s create a boundless and borderless world – together.

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Creating Global Citizens

We incorporate learning, including orientations on each country, crash courses on language and culture, and Implicit Bias training for all participants. We want our programs to be a safe environment and everyone is expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct. Any violations, including discrimination, racism, or harassment will not be tolerated and can lead to the removal from the program.

Inclusive Experiences

Our local partners in each location are thoughtfully selected for their sustainable practices and ethical values. We want to give underrepresented communities a voice and the opportunity to show you a side of their culture unseen before. Take an Afro-Peruvian music class, go on an LGBTQ+ tour, spend the night with a tribe in the mountains, or sign up for any of our other experiences – we make sure that you’ll have the chance to foster a deep connection with the local community.
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Meet Founder & CEO of Wande Industries, 12-Month Journey Participant

Charlie Huynh

Entrepreneur Charlie Huynh was on a side trip to Thailand with Remote Year when he was inspired to create a solution for exploitative labor and unethical practices. His company, Wande Industries, is driven by a vision to minimize the negative impact travelers have on local communities around the world. Wande Industries’ ethical and sustainable travel backpack recently launched on Kickstarter, and within hours the brand smashed their fundraising goal. 

I hope to educate fellow travelers about the extent of the impact we have upon marginalized communities and encourage them to make more conscious decisions in order to create sustainable and real change.

What is the Remote Nation

As we explore the world together, we’ve visited many countries, and often wondered what a “perfect” nation could look like . We envision a nation that is free of borders, made up of an incredible like-minded community with shared values and ideals. Since this nation didn’t exist, we built our own - the Remote Nation.  This lifelong community extends to all of our members, past, present, and future,  including:

  • Premotes - upcoming program participants

  • Remotes - current program participants 

  • Remote Nation - all remote year participants, past and present

  • Citizens - program participants and staff who have completed 4 or more months of Remote Year programming

Over 4,000 individuals have trusted us with their life-affirming journeys, and 90% of our program participants agree that Remote Year changed their life. We invite you to join our community. Together, you’ll share unforgettable travel experiences, create cherished memories, form unbreakable bonds, grow personally and professionally, and meet your future best friends, coworkers, or life mates. That’s who we are, and so much more. 

Discover what our community is all about for yourself. Read some of our Community Spotlight stories.

Remote Nation Membership & Citizenship

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Global Access

Enjoy à la carte access to Remote Year’s platform once you finish a program, with the ultimate flexibility to choose exactly what you want to experience.

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Access to the Nation Hub

Network and connect with thousands of talented professionals worldwide via the Remote Nation Hub channel.


Knowledge Drops

Enjoy access to virtual monthly workshops on fascinating topics from skilled experts in our Nation community.


Nation Houses

Get to know participants from other Programs in these Nation-exclusive Houses in exotic one-off locations.


Meet Ups & Events

Meet up with your fellow Citizen and Nation members by attending exclusive, organized events in locations all over the world.


Discounts at Selina Locations

Enjoy 20% off coworking, 10% off accommodations, and 10% off food & beverage at all Selina locations globally.

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