12-Month Journey Around the World

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The best year of your life starts here! Work remotely from 12 countries around the planet.

12 months. 365 days. 1 unforgettable adventure working remotely around the world. And a like-minded community to share it all with. Explore new places, connect with new people, try unforgettable new experiences. Work remotely in 12 destinations and discover new ways of life. Get lost. Find yourself along the way. Change your life. We’ll handle the details, just show up.

Path traveling around the world

12 incredible global destinations you’ll get to call home

Ready to explore 12 countries in 12 months? Some call it crazy. We call it adventurous. Is this experience transformational? Absolutely - just ask the 1,000 Remote Year travelers who have embarked on their own 12-month Journeys all over the world.

Meet your new community. We’re 4000+ strong.

Traveling the world is incredible, but traveling alongside a vibrant global community - now that’s unforgettable. Over the past 6 years, we’ve helped 4,000+ passionate adventurers find their go-to adventure buddies, business partners, and even love connections while on the road. Everything we do revolves around community. We can’t wait for you to join ours.

People of color
21-54 years old
Identify as LGTBQ+

Incredible local experiences from Lisbon to Lima

Spot lions on safari in South Africa. Discover the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Explore the terraced rice paddies of Bali. Hit up these incredible Local Experiences and more in 12 countries around the world. See it all with Remote Year.

What's Included

bedComfortable Accommodation
FlightsGround & Air Transportation
templeCommunity Experiences
Computer24/7 Access to Workspace
flagLeader & Local Team
FirstAidKitHealth & Safety Support

Time to kick your feet up

Your new home? The most vibrant neighborhoods on the planet. We’ve scouted out the hottest spots so you’re in the center of the action from the moment you arrive. We’ll look after the details, just bring you.
Centrally Located
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Safe & Secure
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Meet our team on the ground with you

Community Leaders & City Teams

Seamless. Exciting. Memorable. Our team is passionate about ensuring your Remote Year experience is top-notch. A dedicated Community Leader like Alejandro (Mexico), Elena (Italy), or Eddie (USA) will travel alongside you throughout your 12-month Journey, and our City Teams are on the ground in each destination. Looking for the best local market in Medellin? Ask Sebastian (Colombia). Need a braai recommendation in South Africa? Natalie’s (Cape Town) got you. 

Staying productive on the road

You deserve a better office view. Our workspaces around the world offer so much more than just great wifi. Well-designed, welcoming, and perfect for connecting with fellow remote professionals - you’ll be primed for productivity whether you’re logging on in Antigua or Split. Working remotely has never looked better.
Centrally Located
Reliable WIFI
24/7 Access

Swap your rent for the adventure of a lifetime

Why pay rent when you could use that same money to invest in a once-in-a-lifetime Journey around the world? We’ve done the math, and the answer is simple. We’ll see you soon.
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Interested, ready to go?

The biggest adventure of your life starts here - apply to join a 12-month Journey today. 90% of Remote Year travelers say our programs changed their life. How will we change yours? 

Jan 8, 2023 - Jan 6, 2024


Trip Itinerary:

  • 1. Lima

  • 2. Medellin

  • 3. Antigua

  • 4. Mexico City

  • 5. Lisbon

  • 6. Valencia

  • 7. Split

  • 8. Cape Town

  • 9. Hanoi

  • 10. Chiang Mai

  • 11. Bali

  • 12. Osaka

  • Pricing

    Welcome to your first trip with Remote Year! To travel with us you first need to be a member of our Community and have a Travel Pass Membership. The great news is, we include your first year’s Nomad Travel Pass Membership price with your first trip.*

    Your First Trip + 1-Year Nomad Travel Pass Membership




    Nomad Travel Pass Membership Benefits

    Valid for 1 year

    Future Trips Starting From $1,535 /month


    Community of 4000+ & 150 online groups


    Dedicated RY Advisor


    Job board, city guides & resources


    1 included RY festival (value $1,500)


    Access to 80 destinations in our RY Travel Marketplace


    7 day early-access to book new trips


    Monthly local meetups & digital events


    20% off Selina accommodations

    *The Nomad Travel Pass Membership is included in your first trip and then is $99/month billed annually.

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