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Benefits to partnering with us.

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Increase Employment Loyalty

Experiencing improved employee commitment and appreciation to their organizations, many of our partners report reduced attrition and increased employee loyalty through Remote Year.

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Professional Development

Remote Year offers professional workshops, guest speakers, and networking events in each city alongside personal development and local service activities within a collaborative community.

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Recruit top talent

Offering Remote Year as a benefit or performance incentive helps our partners to recruit top talent and remain competitive within their industry.

Things that are included for your employees


24/7 workspace access and wifi in apartments

A coworking space with reliable wifi within 25 minutes walking distance of your accommodation.


Professional growth opportunities

Skill-sharing Collectives and Junctions themed on subjects such as networking, leadership and team building.


Transportation and Accommodations

Plane or bus travel between each city on the program and a private, furnished room- usually in an apartment with fellow participants.


Local experiences and events

Cultural, educational, and social activities organized with locally-sourced vendors.


Safety and communication

SIM Card Service and ISOS to keep your employees safe and connected.


Local and Traveling staff

Remote Year staff traveling with each group as well as local city staff.

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