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We’re the world’s leading remote work community. Like-minded travelers living and working together in the most inspiring places on the planet. We spark boundless and borderless opportunities for growth and change through remote working and unforgettable experiences. Bring your work with you – we’ll take care of the rest. Let’s journey together.
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Our Manifesto

We believe in the transformative power of travel. That when you visit another country, meet someone local, hear their story, and share a meal, you will always walk away with a little more empathy and the feeling that we’re all connected.

We believe in creating an intentional community where it’s more about we than just me. That our world includes our neighbors who live on our streets, but also around the world in homes we have not visited yet. That we can create a bigger impact on the greater good together.

We know we can tackle this world alone, but we also know that we are stronger, more capable, and go further when we do it together.

We know that even strangers, fueled by shared values and purpose, can meet and become like family or lifelong friends.

We have an insatiable curiosity and thirst for adventure and believe that working remotely from around the world is going to inspire you and help you unleash your human potential more than an office will.

We change lives and we create change. For ourselves and others. Because we’re open to it, we’re courageous, and we seek it. Journey Together.

Voices from the Remote Year Community

Our Values

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Explore the world with open eyes, minds, and hearts.



Defy expectations with endless passion and integrity.



Change happens when we are kind to each other.

Our team and community today

To us, cultivating diversity is an ongoing process. Creating an internal culture where everyone has a seat at the table is a driving mission at Remote Year, and while we’re proud of our team today, we want a broader range of representation on every level of our workforce, especially at the top. We want our employee population to reflect at least the population diversity of both the US and the world in every department and at every pay grade, which means hiring more people who identify as Black and Latinx for a start.

Of our 77 global employees:

33% identify as People of Color

  • 9% as Black
  • 18% as Latino
  • 6% as Asian
  • 0% as Indigenous

32 Nationalities
(69% non-American)

  • 55% Women
  • 29% LGBTQ+

Of the 9 members of leadership team:

44% identify as People of Color

  • 11% as Black
  • 0% as Latino
  • 33% as Asian
  • 0% as Indigenous

3 Nationalities
(56% non-American)

  • 33% Women
  • 33% LGBTQ+

Of our 2022 program participants:

38% identify as People of Color

  • 11% as Black
  • 10% as Asian
  • 7% as Latino
  • 2% as Indigenous

50 Nationalities
(30% non-American)

  • 67% Women
  • 12.5% LGBTQ+

What we're working towards:

In our teams:
  • Representation of population diversity of both the US and the world in every department and at every pay grade

  • Ongoing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) training at a company-wide level

On our programs: 
  • We cultivate inclusive communities and environments before, during, and after all of our programs. 

  • Representation of population diversity of both the US and the world across all programs

  • Mandatory DEI/cultural awareness training for all participants in Onboarding

  • Cultural overviews and social context in every city orientation

  • Strict Code of Conduct for all participants with zero tolerance for racism, discrimination, and harassment. 

  • Reporting channels for any violations of the Code of Conduct. Violations have and can result in immediate removal from programs.

  • Curation of experiences, vendors, and content that meet Remote Year’s criteria for global perspectives, impact, diversity, and inclusion.

In our marketing: 
  • We want all of our program participants and staff to see themselves in our marketing. We seek to celebrate the diversity of our community in all of our visual outlets, such as our website, social media, emails, and advertisements. 

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Meet one of our Community Leaders

Florencia Moran

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Florencia has a deep love for her home culture, country, and tacos. Inspired to see the world and connect with others, she joined Remote Year as a Community Leader. “Traveling is understanding other perspectives while learning about yourself at the same time. As you travel, you become an explorer who realizes that everything in the world is perpetually in flux, and changing all the time. Some of the most important skills you must learn are adaptation and patience.”

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