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Program Types & Details

What are Itinerary Programs?

Itinerary Programs are Remote Year's original product offering. When you join an Itinerary program, you join a community of professionals and set off on an adventure in a region or the world or excursion around the globe. Itinerary programs come in three lengths: 

  • 4 Month Programs
    We have three 4-month programs in which your itinerary and program will only focus on one of our regions: Europe & Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America
  • 6 Month Programs
    On this experience you’ll travel throughout three completely different continents and various cultures through Europe, Africa and Latin America. ➡️Learn More
  • 12 Month Programs
    Our original program-type is our year-long program and is a transformative experience in which you’ll visit all of the regions in one life-changing year. ➡️Learn More

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