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What are Remote Year City Teams?

Each Remote Year city team is made up of two travel savvy locals. The first is our City Operations Manager, responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of each city- apartments, workspaces, wifi, and all other  logistics. The second is the City Experience Manager, who is responsible for curating local experiences that are unique to Remote Year, plan community events and ensure that you are getting the most out of your month in their home city. These teams are often native to the region and know all the tips and tools to help our participants live like locals and understand areas of their cities that are safe.

Upon arrival in each destination, our city teams give an in-depth presentation on the do’s and don’ts of that city by members of the Remote Year City Team. Participants receive an overview of the city, the culture, language tips, history and major events, as well as the city’s safety protocols, current political happenings, and views on diversity.

Participants often find that our City Teams are the hidden gem of the Remote Year experience. Imagine going to visit your best friend living abroad - no tourist traps, all the great recommendations and off the beaten path experiences. From where to grab a bite to eat near the workspace to events only the locals know about, RY City Teams help bring each city on your itinerary to life and show our customers their love for their homes.

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