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Services & What's Included

Local Experiences and more

During your time on Remote Year you will have access to a variety of events curated by both your local city teams and your own travel community. These will be a combination of community and professional events that are included in the cost of the monthly fee, or that you can opt into for an added price via Remote Year Marketplace.

Remote Year Tracks™

Every month you will have a local immersion event included in your experience that is handpicked and curated by our local city teams.

The Remote Year Marketplace

The Remote Year Marketplace is the one-stop online shop for addicurated and unique local experiences, chosen by Remote Year City Team members. These experiences include Tracks™, Local Experience Events, side trips, and other one-off local experiences that Remotes are interested in.

Furthermore, the Marketplace is a great resource for current Remotes to use to get acquainted with their upcoming destination. Each city has its own Marketplace, with access to a City Guide that contains relevant information on  workspaces, accommodations, local entertainment, and must-sees, as well as need-to-know facts like currency, commonly used phrases in the local language, and what to expect as far as public transportation.

If you’re interested in learning more about Remote Year tracks or the marketplace, chat with a Program Consultant to learn more about the types of events offered on your preferred itinerary.

Positive Impact Initiatives

Remote Year partners with different organizations across the globe, addressing local needs through sustainable and long-term partnerships. Remotes strive to share their time and talent to make a Positive Impact on the communities we call home. You can learn more about positive impact here.

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