10 Reasons to Get Out of Chicago and Travel the World

1. Winter is LOOOONG and brutal

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing - try avoiding the freezing cold for a year and experience not being depressed this winter.


2. Sick of ‘midwestern nice’

Honestly, say what you mean

Ironic meme

3. The traffic is miserable

Hopefully when you get back, self driving cars will have solved this problem, but for now, try having a short walk in nice weather for your commute into the office.


4. Midwest diet

Why is everything on every menu either fried or covered in cheese?  Check out global cuisines that are actually good for you.


5. Trade in the lake for the ocean

We love Lake Michigan but sometimes you need some ocean therapy and more than 3 months of sunshine


6. Shadily expensive

While not as expensive as New York or SF, rent is basically as much as it would cost to travel the world.


7. Horrible public transit

Four busses within a minute, then nothing for 30 minutes.

Public transit

8. The plains are SOOOO plain

Try being inspired by nature for once


9. Lincoln Park Yuppies

Nobody needs that kind of wardrobe for their baby

Park yuppies

10. Did anybody say MINUS 30 WINDCHILL???

And then sweating when you go inside with all those layers.


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