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The Remote Year Impact

It’s not just about seeing the world — it’s about making the world better together. We understand the power travel has in making positive change, and we are driven by a vision of a prosperous future for our planet and its people. We believe that all human beings should enjoy fulfilling lives and seek to ensure that our economic, social, and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature. We are committed to giving back to the places we visit and the local communities we encounter through initiatives focused on Global Education, Accessible Travel, Climate Action, and Shelter.

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Over the past 6 years

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Global positive impact projects in over 40 countries

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Hours volunteered in the local communities we visit

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Raised in funds for countless organizations around the world

Our focus for driving positive change

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Provide positive impact experiences in every Remote Year destination

We are committed to incorporating at least one positive impact experience into each program month and destination. Our handpicked, local experiences are often the highlight for our program participants and we look forward to introducing higher quality, better curated, and more impactful experiences in each destination.
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Partner only with impact-driven vendors and partners

All of our vendors and local partners are selected based on a scoring system that includes their impact on local communities, dedication to fair and ethical practices, and commitment to values such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
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Encourage our global staff to take the time to give back

We encourage our staff to take 4-8 hours of company time a month to volunteer on issues they care about. This ensures that all of the members of our team have the flexibility to express their own personal impact goals and also align with our collective values as a company.

Some of our Local Impact Experiences

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Meet our Split City Manager


Helena has spent the past 6 years coordinating exciting and impactful local experiences as a City Manager in Split, Croatia. From visiting with a beekeeper to sampling traditional meals in the Dalmatian hinterlands with the Bartulović family, Helena plans sustainable, community-focused experiences that support local businesses and families.

"Over the years, our Remote Year community has left a memorable mark and touched many hearts in Split. Many program participants selflessly shared their skills and talents - we have prepared meals for the homeless, done manual work at an orphanage to give the kids a better environment, organized parties at the autism center, and participated in beach cleanups - all in an effort to leave the city a little better than when we first arrived."