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Why remote working?

Remote working is not a trend, it’s here to stay.

With over 35 million people classed as “digital nomads” globally in 2023, that’s a 37% increase from 2022. By 2025, it’s estimated that 22% of the US workforce will work remotely (1). Employees are increasingly looking to make work fit around their lives, and looking for the employers who facilitate this (2).

(1) Digital Nomad Statistics & (2) Upwork Study

Recent Remote Working Stats

Boost productivity

85% of global business leaders across 80 nations believe work & travel has made their business more productive. 65% of whom believe that flexibility can improve productivity by at least 20%. (IWG Study)

Attract top talent

Workplace flexibility is now considered an essential benefit highly sought after by talents. Of those workers, a staggering 57% ranked flexibility as even more important than their compensation. (Randstad workmonitor 2023)

Retain top talent

64% are willing to change jobs or forego promotions for a location-flexible role. 78% of companies have seen greater retention after adding or improving benefits packages.  (Randstad workmonitor 2023 & Global Benefits Report)

What is Remote Year?

We bring together remote workers as a community to work and travel abroad in 20+ destinations around the world. Our platform is designed to support both new and seasoned remote workers, nomads, and travelers. Working remotely and traveling solo can be daunting, time-consuming, and isolating, so let us take care of the planning for you. Remote Year has a Trip for every type of remote professional, budget, and lifestyle.

Ways to partner with us

Remote Work programs

Trips for individuals or groups

Have a team or organization that would love to travel and/or work remotely with a trusted provider and platform? Remote Year is a great offering for companies and organizations who are looking to increase recruiting, employee happiness, and retention by offering work & travel trips for individuals and / or teams.

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Promote Us

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Let Us Promote You

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Partner Testimonials

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Their leadership and staff have gone above and beyond

I love working with Remote Year! RY shares Concordia University’s vision to open the world to our student community. Their leadership and staff have gone above and beyond to curate a unique travel experience that introduces our students to Costa Rican entrepreneurs while showcasing Central America's geographic beauty and cultural treasures.”

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We're creating solutions for the future of work

We believe that the rise in remote work is here to stay and has already shifted the ways in which businesses fundamentally operate and adapt. Through this successful partnership with Remote Year, we're putting the best and brightest minds internationally to creating solutions for the future of work. By expanding internationally with Remote Year, we're also able to bring even more diverse founders and entrepreneurs into our community to network, impact and empower.